Ever thought of making money through a food delivery Surry Hills? This type of delivery business could click among locals of Surry Hills, especially if you can cater to many residential areas found in this location. Below are some guidelines on how you can start operating a food delivery business and make money.

· Things needed to set-up a food delivery business

- Delivery transport (car, van or motorbike)

- Computer or laptop

- Phone

· Create a business plan

A vital ingredient needed to start a business like the food delivery Surry Hills is a written business plan. Create a detailed list of actions you need to execute to start a food delivery business like generation of capital, hiring of delivery drivers as well as food packers in case you will offer your own homemade meals, marketing and financial forecast.

· List of targeted areas to cover your food delivery Surry Hills

If you are new in Surry Hills, do actual survey of the residential areas, local business shops, diners as well as mini grocery stores who will need your food delivery services. Make a complete list of target locations you wish to cover. Find out how you can tap the inner city’s locals to avail your offers.

· Spread the word of your food delivery services

If you are on tight marketing budget, don’t let this issue disrupt your intentions of spreading the word of your food delivery business. Find affordable marketing options on how you can promote your business from all corners of Surry Hills. Personalized printed marketing materials could be your best marketing tools to make yourself known to the community. You can start your marketing efforts by giving business cards or flyers to local business owners, homemakers and elderly people you meet. You can also post ads on local community boards.

· Organized your deliveries

If you want to maximize your delivery output, organize your scheduled deliveries to avoid wasting time, fuel and energy of your drivers. If you can do bulk deliveries in one go, do so to prevent delays.

· Find what customers really need

Make a survey among your first-time customers and find out what they really need. For example, if there are a lot of elderly residents in John Northcote Place visit the neighborhood and investigate their needs in terms of food delivery, grocery and other food items like fresh fruits and vegetables.

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