Apple has launched different gadgets and services that are very famous among users. Not only Apple users but even Android users know about the popularity of these gadgets. Airpods provided by Apple is one such gadget that is extremely popular because of its sleek and modern device and incredible sound. 

While it is very easy to connect these airpods to Apple devices, sometimes the airpods wont connect to mac and this can be very frustrating. This causes interruptions in the music that you are trying to enjoy and this is why we are going to tell you some common solutions that you can use if airpods wont pair with your Apple devices.

 Common Fixes if Airpods won’t connect to MacSolution 1: Reboot the MacBook

If your Airpods are not connecting properly with your Mac then, you can try and reboot your Mac as this will fix any glitch with the device if the problem is with the device rather than with the AirPods. You can do this from the Restart option that is in the menu of the Mac.

Solution 2: Clean the AirPods and the Case

Even if after rebooting the device, your macbook won’t connect to airpods then, you can try to clean the AirPods and the Case of the pods. The dust particles often prevent the charger case from charging the case and this in turn then, hampers the functioning of the AirPods. 

Solution 3: Enable the Bluetooth Service on the Mac

Another solution that you can try if airpods won’t connect to macbook pro is to open the Bluetooth of the Mac. This is a very common reason when the Airpods are not connecting as people forget to open the Bluetooth many times when they use the Airpods. 

We hope that these solutions have been able to help you in resolving your connectivity issues.

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