Even though Snapchat is such a popular application, there are times when the app won’t work properly and you are left wondering why won’t Snapchat work and how can you fix this. So, if you are also looking for reasons and fixes to resolve the problem of the application not working properly then, you can take a look at our guide.

Common Reasons and Solutions if Snapchat won’t work

All these solutions that we are giving here will work extremely well if Snapchat won’t work.

Solution 1: Enable the App permissions

It is very important to give permission to all the applications that you are using on your phone and this is the case with Snapchat also. You have to open the Settings of your phone and then enable the permission of the application which will resolve all the problems of your application.

Solution 2: Restart Snapchat

 Another very simple solution that you can use if Snapchat won't open android is to restart the application. You can completely close the application and then restart it as restarting the app will fix any technical errors the app. 

Solution 3: See if Snapchat Server is down

If Snapchat not working on data and Wi-Fi then, it can be possible that the main server of the Snapchat application is down. Look on the official pages of Snapchat on Facebook and Twitter and wait for the system to restore if it is down. You need to wait for some hours as Snapchat will work to restore the system. 

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