How are Cooling Pillows made?


The scorching summer environment can become a barrier to getting a good sleeping time. It is not easy to sleep in a hot and humid climate. A hot environment can adversely affect and ruin sleep. Just like the external environment, the human body’s internal environment i.e human body cooling gel pillow temperature also plays a key role in the quality of sleep. Too high body temperature can hinder sleep causing disturbed sleep the whole night and also disturbing the sleeping cycle. Rather than the surrounding atmosphere while sleeping the choice of bed and pillows is the main factor to be considered to sleep well. The pillows contribute maximum to get a good quality sleep.

The pillows that were made in traditional times tend to absorb the heat of the body. These types of a pillow is one of the main reason behind people struggling to sleep. Therefore the choice and type of pillows are one of the main things to be focused on to ensure sound sleep.


Due to advancements in technology pillow manufacturers have come up with the idea of cooling pillows, which helps to maintain a certain body temperature while sleeping and is one of the best options for people who have night sweating problems or for the one’s whose body temperature gets warmed at night.

These cooling pillows help to keep the body cool while sleeping and thus helps to sleep better and improve the quality of sleep.

The cooling pillows are not filled with ice but rather they are filled with soft cooling gel that keeps the pillow cool overnight. Cooling pillows are the perfect choice during hot sweaty bamboo pillow  summer nights.

These types of pillows have solved all kinds of sleeping problems that people were facing for a long time. Modern technology has been highly helpful in improving sleeping patterns.


Uses of Cooling pillows-


1)Helpful in improving the quality of sleep.

2) Makes a person fall asleep easily and quickly.

3) Useful in treating sleeping problems like insomnia.

4) Avoiding Sleep disturbances at night.

5) Maintains body temperature while sleeping.

6) Improves the body’s energy levels.

7) Controlling excess body heat when sleeping.

8) Provides head and neck comfort and also relaxes any kind of neck and back pain.



Cooling pillows are made by using different technologies by the manufacturers like-


• Water Pillows- In this type of cooling pillows manufacturers use a water shield in the normal polyester foam pillow. The water shield act as a cooling agent in the pillow thus providing cooling properties to the pillow.


• Gel Based Pillows- A soft cooling gel layer is added to the pillow to give the cooling pillow effect to the pillow. The gel layer absorbs the heat from the head and thus helps to maintain the body temperature while sleeping. If you are looking for a gel-infused cooling pillow then there is nothing better than Sleepsia Cooling Gel Pillows.


•Breathable Fibre Pillows- These types of pillows are made using a breathable fibre that allows the air to circulate and absorb less heat and moisture. Thus the pillow remains cool the whole night as there is a constant supply of cool air by the cooling fabric.






To improve the quality of sleep the cooling pillows are considered one of the ideal choices and people can definitely consider buying them. Plenty of types and options are easily available in the market. Manufacturers have different pricing range for different types so that the range can easily fit into the budget.

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