There are many different types of down alternative pillows. Many of the most popular types pillows king size 2 pack are filled with a unique filling, called gel fiber. What’s so interesting about a gel fiber pillow?

Gel fiber is a type of “micro denier” made  from Pillow synthetic polyester. Denier refers to the thickness of the fibers. Gel fibers are, simply put, very thin synthetic fibers. They were designed specifically to mimic the properties of duck down.

Traditional down pillows are already popular for a lot king size pillows of reasons. They’re durable (if you take good care of them), moldable/malleable, work well for most sleeping positions, AND they’re biodegradable.

It’s hard to complain with a list of benefits like that! Or is it?


·         Expensive. Harvesting high-quality down from birds is a labor intensive job that will cost you.

difficult to clean. I’ve managed to destroy king pillow several pillows and at least one comforter in my washing machine.  made from animals! Yes you heard it here first, folks: down king pillows  feathers don’t grow on trees. Thus, those who are concerned with animals’ well-being, should be aware that purchasing down products may result in the poor treatment of animals.

Gel fiber pillow filling attempts to mimic down’s advantages pillows king size 2 pack while improving upon some of down’s disadvantages.

Gel fiber pillows compete on:

·         price. They’re far cheaper than genuine down.

durability. While a good down pillow can last king pillows 2 pack a very long time if cared for properly, most gel fiber pillows are very easy to clean without damaging them.

·         a supposed “hypoallergenic” quality that’s superior do traditional down. Hmmm…


How common are down pillows king size 2 pack allergies?

While researching down’s disadvantages, I discovered that a lot of these gel fiber pillows are sold on allergy fears. That’s usually misguided.

People frequently mistakenly blame allergic reactions king size pillows 2 pack on a down pillow. Genuine feather allergies are actually quite rare. As it turns out, most reactions can actually be attributed to dust mites or mold. That’s true of any pillow type, however. Pillows generally become more allergenic with age.