When you are finding a Website hosting in Kolkata, make sure a service provider can keep your site live and ready all the time. Professional service providers ensure minimal interference to your websites. They are customer-service oriented.

You will find many providers for Web Hosting in Kolkata. However, it is required to focus on some significant points before deciding on them. Read on-

Enough Storage- It will be decided by the type of your website. Accordingly, you will select the storage for your site. If it is just a personal online site, you don’t need more storage. However, if you are operating a business or eCommerce website, storage is a key concern. Make sure a web host provider can meet your space requirements as well as can be upgrade.

Bandwidth- When it comes to a commercial site, make sure you have ample bandwidth for your growth as it will produce a considerable stream of traffic. Bandwidth permits the maximum amount of data to flow over an internet connection at a certain time. Make sure your web hosting service provider can cater to your needs. There are some providers who claim unlimited bandwidth but they don’t offer it. Don’t fall into a trap rather conduct research and make an informed decision.

Customer Support- You will find a few companies for best Web Hosting in Kolkata that claim 24/7 technical support. However, you cannot make sure if a service provider is truthful or not. In this case, you test the response time of their customer support team and their competence. If you are satisfied with it, they can be a good choice.

Server Limits- Any web hosting service should ensure a server uptime of 97% and above. It implies the server runs a minimum of 97% of the time. This is a major consideration. Remember that if the server is down most often, your business will be affected by it.

In addition, there are some important questions that you sought to ask your web hosting providers.


Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee Or Trial Offer?

Money-back guarantee or trial period can lessen many problems. It ensures how professional and reliable a web host provider is.

What Is The Level Of Your Customer Service?

There are many times when you need to call a customer support team to ask your queries regarding the services. It needs open communication with them to solve different issues you face. You should know how to reach them easily for real information.

Do you have any sample sites to view?

Professional web host providers will show their previous works or a website hosted on the same server proudly. If possible, contact the site’s owner.

Are you a reseller or a parent web hosting provider?

Ask a provider whether it is a third-party hosting service provider or an actual provider.

Making an informed decision when you are seeking Website hosting in Kolkata can make a huge difference and you won’t face any difficulties. Make sure you got an affordable deal too. In this case, you can visit www.glosoftindia.com