What Is the Tracking Number for USPS?When you ship a box, postal employees will issue it a tracking number; this is the [link=https://uspstrackingnumber.co]usps tracking number[/link]    [link name=usps tracking number]https://uspstrackingnumber.co[/link]    ((https://uspstrackingnumber.co))    ((https://uspstrackingnumber.co usps tracking number))    [https://uspstrackingnumber.co usps tracking number]    [[https://uspstrackingnumber.co usps tracking number]]    [L=usps tracking number]https://uspstrackingnumber.co[/L]    "usps tracking number":https://uspstrackingnumber.co    [usps tracking number](https://uspstrackingnumber.co)Where To Find Your Tracking Number?
You may locate your tracking number on many locations including:
- Delivery receipt
- Self-service kiosk eReceipt
- Postal receipt
- Online label record, if you purchased postage online (via Click-N-Ship®, eBay, or other services)
- USPS will send a text message to the phone number you supplied.
- Below the barcode that is placed on the sent item
How Does USPS Tracking Number Look Like?A USPS tracking number is a shipment tracking number or a unique identifier provided to each USPS item that is sent by courier. This is an exclusive USPS number.
Each USPS shipment has a unique tracking number consisting of 20 to 22 numbers with no or two letters at the end. Here are some examples of USPS tracking numbers. Several samples of tracking numbers are shown below.
Remember that the 13-character USPS Express Mail tracking number begins with two letters and ends with the letter "US."
Format of USPS tracking numbers:
Tracking number for USPS: 9400 1000 473859400 0000 00
Postage stamps: 9205 5000 04938495069000 00
Certified letter: 9407 3000 00374859489500 00
Hold for pick-up on delivery: 9303 3000 00047380795310 00
Priority Mail Express International: EC 000 4839600
Guaranteed International Delivery: 82 0005748300
Priority Mail US Express: 9270 1000 00030291869595 00
Priority Letter International EA 000 000 000 US: CP 000 000 000 US
Registration letter: 9208 8000 20194859430000 00
Verify Signature: 9202 1000 0059438271300 00