In this modern day, the evolution of sexiness with adolescents and adult people has changed chapter by chapter. Sexy is defined mostly by the eyes of men- means having curves, literally big boobs, small waists and big buttocks. Women could not contrast with this idea, nevertheless they abide to it, to win their man's heart, lust and loyalty. I'm not saying that all men are unfaithful, but given the possibility to admire perfect bod women is something we cannot hinder from them. Like they say "a way to a man's heart is through their stomach", so lay their favorite food on the table- which is soft-curve cones aka "boobs".  Some women are pretty much contented with their boobs (including me), but we cannot hide the fact that in many occasions- our breast sucks. I'm not saying I would love to have super bowl boobs, but adding a few volume would be lovely. Flat does not represent femininity, flat does not define sexiness for women, flat is never curve, flat is boring and nothing more to imagine.  

Size up for your partner or for yourself is the same. You sized up to achieve the look you admired and to please someone or attain satiety for self-image. You may think it would look unnatural and not you anymore, that thought remains in me until I realized that what is natural anyway? I put makeup everyday to please people at work and be presentable in front of my clients, I put eyelashes, hair color, hair extensions, wear contact lens, and body suit garments etc. All of these things conceal me, definitely not my real appearance. These things covers my flaws and changes my how I look outside. You may say it can be removed (and can always return to the real you), but putting them everyday is a hassle isn't it? plus it doesn't change the idea of covering up your "unpleasant look". Breast augmentation by silicon or fat transfer is the same. Wearing a padded bra or silicone bra is a daily hassle. There's a permanent procedure for it, then why not avail?  

It takes a lot of courage before jumping into the table and let someone open you with your eyes closed and not knowing what are they doing on you. Only the brave and the willed are the one's who can get through this process. But without the guarantee of the outcome wont be enough. It's not only the subject's heroism, the most important part is the surgeon's ability and the power to perform well. You must be safe and secured in his hands, moreover in fulfilling the task perfectly with amazing result. 

How would you know if you have met the supernatural and magnificent creator of reconstructive surgery? It needs lot of inquests, scrutiny and groundwork to find the compatible surgeon for you.Here are some tips:1. Your surgeon must be board certified plastic surgeon: some surgeons practicing cosmetic surgery are not board certified. 
2. REVIEWS : good doctors certainly have good reputation. Reviews and recommendation from patients are important to assess their performance. Also make sure that the reviews are real.
3. Before & After : of course, you need to see the product before purchasing it. Ask for before and after photos according to the same condition of your concern. 
4. Surgeon's profile : check the background and the surgeon's experience. In this way, you would know how many cases he has done, the more case the more highly experienced. 
5. Consultation: this is the moment of truth. be attentive, be observant, all ears and all eyes (look around the facilities and technologies of the center, and how the staff treats you). Speak your mind. This is your time, the molding of your desired product which is- YOU. If consultation is vague and a mess, then you're not compatible with this surgeon, it's time to do your research again. 

DON'T rush in doing breast augmentation. You have to be confident, certain and completely free from doubt before laying yourself on the surgical table. My preparation took years, I consulted many surgeons but I wasn't profoundly satisfied with it. I actually worked with them and some I worked inside the operating room. I have seen the actual before and after results from patients still I wasn't convince to entrust my breast augmentation with any of them.  

Fate has interrupted the process of searching and waiting, the long journey had come to finish its course. Finally and with great surprise, the doctor that I’ve been striving to find had just came right in front of my resume- Dr. Kolawach Laochaisri.

If I am going to describe Dr. Kolawach, it would be “PROFESSIONAL”. He is embodies the professionalism both in his career and as his personal mission statement. The very moment you’d meet him, you will be astounded by his magnified warm welcome and festive ambiance. Once you talk about your concerns and your thoughts- he listens carefully and allows you to give away your ideas and freely discuss about it. 

When I ask about my condition and urge to do breast augmentation, these are his advice:1. Since I have no enough fat to do fat transfer, then silicon would be the choice for me.2. I need to undergo lab test such as EKG, CXR, CBC etc. to make sure that I am able to do operation.3. My breast size can be 275cc-320cc MENTOR round. Because I am tall, I can have bigger boobs.4. The silicon will be inserted under the muscle, this will make it look more natural to touch. Hence it will be more painful than above the muscle. I am more concern of the result because it will last longer than the pain.5. The incision will be periareolar, which will be easy to hide and the incision will be at the crease of the areola.Transaxillary is not advisable for me because I don’t have crease on my armpits, and Inframammary incision is not my preferable place because Im afraid that the scar will look unnatural for me. Dr. Kolawach will give me antiscar gel to make the scar even with the skin and laser treatments for the color.6. I will wear compressive garment as a support bra to hold my silicon in proper place.7. To avoid silicon and tissue or capsular contracture, I have to do breast massage regularly.These are one of the important advises that Dr. Kolawach made it clearly. As for the procedure, I will entrust it entirely to him. And I wont have to worry about the recovery, DRK team will surely help me to get through it easily.