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The APICS CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) Exam is a globally recognized certification program for professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of supply chain management. The program is designed to equip professionals with the latest practices, trends, and technologies in supply chain management, and to help them achieve operational excellence and improve organizational performance. The APICS CSCP Exam covers a broad range of topics, including supply chain design, planning and execution, sourcing and procurement, and inventory management, among others.

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Sample Questions (Q362-Q367):

Which of the following supply chain fulfillment strategies is more commonly associated with e-commerce enabled supply chains?

A. Parcel shipmentsB. Push systemC. Fewer reverse logistics activitiesD. Small number of niche customers

Answer: A

A firm wants to lose customers that don't value the unique products and services the firm offers and to attract and retain customers that want what the firm offers. Engaging in this activity should allow the firm to:

A. create a more loyal customer base.B. improve customer satisfaction rates.C. target higher-profit customers.D. increase market share.

Answer: A

Section: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

Customizing can be an effective warehousing strategy because it allows a company to:

A. allocate available storage space to optimize handling costs.B. effectively design its inbound and outbound dock areas.C. add value to the product through modification, labeling, and packaging.D. address trade-offs between space and material handling needs.

Answer: C

Section: Supply Chain Strategy, Design, and Compliance

Supply chain disruption avoidance measures typically are based on distinguishing:

A. common and special causes of variation.B. certified trading partners from other trading partners.C. supplier issues from distribution issues.D. planned events from unplanned events.

Answer: D

The use of a seasonal index as a forecasting technique measures the ratio of the:

A. average demand for all periods to the average seasonal demand.B. average seasonal demand to the standard deviation of the demand for all periods.C. average seasonal demand to the average demand for all periods.D. standard deviation of the seasonal demand to the standard deviation of demand for all periods.

Answer: C

Section: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management


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