Air travel is the fastest and most efficient mode of long-distance transportation. Millions of people travel on planes every day. However, due to this, there are a few drawbacks associated with it as well. issues such as delayed flights, poor flight experience, and crowded airports can be a nuisance. Commercial flights come with many hassles. To avoid them, how about flying private?

Charter flights have gradually become popular. Often, jet owners decide to charter their planes rather than putting their private jets for sale in Dubai. This can prove to be a source of income for them. Having said that, if you think that it is something for the rich only, there is nothing like that. Charter companies often come up with offers and discounts to lure in regular people as well.

You can also fly with luxury and style by flying charter. They have become accessible to regular people as well. Regardless you are flying for business or pleasure, here are the top reasons you should fly private on the next trip:


Flying in a private jet is a unique experience that you will not forget soon. It exudes utter luxury, comfort, and great services that have no match with flying commercial.

Amenities and Luxury

Chartering a private jet happens to be one of the safest and most luxurious means to travel. You can call it a luxury limousine. The only difference is that it flies in the air. Flying in a private jet means a most exclusive form of air travel. From Wi-Fi to Champagne, to pillows, blankets, in-flight catering to the customized menu, you can have everything.


Since private jets only carry a handful of passengers, you can rest assured of complete privacy. Charter flights have grown in popularity as the world was fighting the pandemic. More people are not opting for it. Even then, it is not what you would call within everyone’s budget. You can travel with your family, friends, or business acquaintances.

Security & Safety

The pandemic scared the entire world with its rapid spreading and a large number of fatalities. That’s why people have become extremely conscious regarding travel and other regular interactions. On a flight, you never know about the health condition of the person who is sitting next to you. With a private jet, there are only a handful of people flying with you. And all the necessary precautions and SOPs are followed. You can rest assured of your safety.

Highly Flexible

This is important. You are entirely free from the hassles associated with commercial flights. There is no need to wait in long queues nor any luggage issues, delays, or crowds to deal with. What’s more? You don’t have to reach hours ago for your flight. Everything is customized around you and your needs. You can arrive just a while before your flight.

So, all in all, flying privately in a charter is an experience you will always remember and cherish. It is not only safe but utterly luxurious. Intrigued? Have the above reasons piqued your interest in flying through charter planes? Contact Empire Aviation and book a charter flight for your next trip!