Dr. Raj Dahiya is an accomplished practitioner in some of the innovative therapies in prostate cancer and he offers the most advanced radiation therapies for his patients. Dr. Raj Dahiya is a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, having vast experience with prostate, head and neck, lung, breast, skin, and brain tumors. Dr. Raj Dahiya started a second residency in radiation oncology at the University of San Antonio in 1998-2002. Dr. Rajiv Dahiya has also used stereotactic radiosurgery for lung, prostate, and brain tumors.

Dr. Raj Dahiya has over ten years of clinical experience treating patients with specialty information on head and neck, skin, cerebrum, and prostate tumors. Furthermore, Dr. Raj Dahiya has treated various other confounded malignancies, including bosom and gastrointestinal cancers. As a board-guaranteed radiation oncologist in the province of Florida and Texas, Dallas, Dr. Raj Dahiya is knowledgeable in treating the most difficult growths.

It could, like manner, rely on whether you have another chest, lung, or prostate illness. Besides, your radiation oncologist will speak with you about the possible side effects of expressive treatments before treatment begins. Then, he works with a cautious or clinical oncologist to determine whether radiotherapy fits into a patient's treatment plan. For instance, the amount of radiation treatments required depends upon the area, threatening development, and other clinical therapies you could get.

Dr. Raj Dahiya, one of the most mind-blowing radiation subject matter experts

The radiation oncologist concludes the strategy, and a piece of radiotherapy is taken from the patient. Dr. Raj Dahiya has accepted his high-level preparation in stereotactic radiation medical procedure from the famous. Moreover, he has composed various logical papers and audits on oncology, particularly in head, neck, lung, and prostate or pharyngeal tumors.

At various times, only one or several treatments are expected, for instance, when dangerous development has spread where it counts. Like this, the entire radiotherapy gathering will meet to design a treatment plan for you. Before you start radiotherapy, meet with your radiation oncologist Dr. Raj Dahiya. Dependent upon the sort and region of the development, your essential consideration doctor will choose the best philosophy, machine, and radiotherapy gear.

Our radiation oncology ace is broadly seen and acquainted with radioactivity, having treated different hazardous improvement patients. He acknowledged his post-graduate readiness and has written different academic papers and studies on oncology, especially in the development of the head and neck, pharyngeal, lung, and prostate. Dr Raj Dahiya has composed a broad grouping of perilous improvement therapies for a long time, including radiation oncology, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

Dr. Raj Dahiya has composed a broad grouping of exceptional improvement therapies.

Interior radiotherapy includes high-portion radiation being conveyed to the area using at least one embedded radioactive source where malignant growth has been removed. The therapy designs frequently include medical procedures, radiation, and chemotherapy, acting differently to guarantee the best quality and most helpful consideration. Our specialists continually work on patients' fulfillment, prosperity, and families. Radiotherapy presented by our center incorporates external radiotherapy, which is utilized to treat carcinogenic cancers, and inward radiotherapy.

Dr. Raj Dahiya attempts to make individual and customized radiation therapy plans for patients with lymphoma. The radiation oncology group of Dr. Raj Dahiya is utilizing innovations and procedures to develop results further and diminish the gamble of radiation treatment incidental effects on malignant growth patients and their families.

He is board-guaranteed in Inside Medication; sub represents considerable authority in Oncology and Radiology. Dr. Raj Dahiya is the Leader of the Worldwide Relationship for Malignant growth Exploration, Executive of the American Culture of Asian Researchers in Disease Exploration, and Administrator of the American Relationship of Indian Researchers in Malignant growth Exploration.

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