How does it feel to welcome a foreigner in Ireland? Every new day is a window into this stunning land's fascinating traditions and customs. Ireland is a wonderful place to call home for many reasons, not the least of which is the warm welcome you'll receive from the natives. Some examples of what a day in the life of an Irish Host family might entail are provided below.


Getting Up 

Many Irish foster families have an early morning routine. Those who are playing host to international exchange students will find this to be particularly true. You, the Host Family Dublin, must make your house comfortable and inviting for your student. You should get up at the same time as your family to make them a healthy breakfast and check that they have everything they'll need for school. 



In most Irish homes, breakfast is taken at a relaxed pace. There could be jokes, tales, and a hearty meal in the morning. Breakfasts may consist of potato farls, bacon, eggs, black pudding, or any combination thereof, depending on the family's tastes. Some households prefer something simpler, like bread, cereal, or yogurt. It's a wonderful opportunity for conversation and deeper familiarity. 



Getting their exchange student ready for school is usually the day's first order for Irish families who welcome students from other countries. Taking public transportation can be difficult for students, and they often need guidance in selecting the appropriate vehicle or different modes of transportation. Sometimes the foster family will provide transportation to and from school.


Once at school, the exchange student can immerse themselves in Irish society and language. They can learn what it's like to be a citizen of a foreign nation as well.


Soup, sandwiches, or a hastily thrown-together omelette or pasta dish, make up most of an Irish person's evening dinner. Dinnertime is a common time for families to come together and share stories about their day. This is also a great opportunity for Host Families Dublin to share how things are going with their international students and what fun things they've been doing together. 


Unscheduled Time

After supper is prepared and served, the Irish host family has time. They could go for a walk, ride their bikes, or see a performance by a popular irish singer if the weather permits. They might remain inside, watch TV, or play board games if the weather is bad. It's a wonderful opportunity to get to know their exchange student and gain insight into a new society. 


Going to Sleep 

Most Irish host families take the time in the evening to ensure their international student is settled in and ready for bed. Having a foreign exchange student can be a lot of work, so it's essential to ensure everyone can relax and rest after a busy day.



Host families typically do not receive financial compensation from international exchange programs but may be eligible for discounts or travel reimbursement. The families who host exchange students at summer camp Ireland do so out of a genuine interest in sharing their country's history, culture, and language with others.