"Get A Stunning Mobile-Friendly Website Designed For You By A Professional"

Passionate web/information technology professionals are workaholics. This includes: Web Designers, Web Developers, Server Administrators, etc. Designing a website is about the easiest thing they know how to do. They will jump at any opportunity for new challenges. It is easier than you think, to get one to design a website for you, FREE OF CHARGE, if you know who to ask and what to do. "Be nice and don't ask for too much."

For a website project to be complete, a domain name (eg. www.example.com) must be registered and the files carrying the content of the website must be hosted on a web server maintained by a web hosting company. And it is not free. As you already know, nobody, not even you, wants to incur unnecessary expenses. So, if you want a website designed for you for free, at the least, you will be responsible for the cost of registering your domain name and hosting your website. That's truly encouraging

Who To Ask

Check out Orwebhost.com, a web hosting company managed by a group of passionate web designers/developers. I recently met George, one of the lead developers at Orwebhost. I have never met anyone more passionate about web technology. He was a guest speaker at one of the events of the just concluded Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), Lagos, Nigeria, where he spoke at lenght about how they are supporting start-ups and other small and medium-scale enterprises by making premium web technologies accessible to them for little or nothing. It was plausible ...It still is.

What To Do

Typically, a website lasts for one year on the internet, after which you need to renew the domain name registration and web hosting plans. This can be agonizing for website owners. "Imagine your life without bothering about website renewal for three (3) whole years" George continued. "A mobile-friendly website... online for three years... designed for free..." I thought to myself. "All you have to do is persuade us by ordering the three (3) year hosting plan from our website at https://orwebhost.com/free-web-design.html for ₦17,250 and we will swing into action." He finally concluded.

What I Found Out

Upon my little investigation, after going through their products and services and then actually hosting a website with them (http://mattsoncreation.com - this wordpress website loads really fast), I realised that their services are the cheapest on the market, in terms of quality and pricing, at least in the Nigerian market, since I am Nigerian. And their technical support team is very dedicated. Kudos Orwebhost! I hope you guys keep it up.

4 Easy Steps To Get A Free Website Designed For You

1. Order a 3-year premium hosting plan here: https://orwebhost.com/free-web-design.html
2. Register your preferred domain name for three years. Free .name.ng domain name registration
3. Complete the order process. (Online and offline payment methods available).
4. Send them a copy of your company profile, logo, images and other information you want on your website
Your website is ready in three (3) days.

If you are not computer savvy, the steps are really simple. But if by any chance you have difficulties, their support team are always online to guide you via the live chat feature directly on the website.

Below is a quick view of their web hosting services and their prices.

Quick view of services and their prices:

Website Hosting Plans

1GB Disk Space + 2GB Bandwidth + 10 Email Accounts = ₦300 per month and ₦3,000 per year.
Includes free .name.ng domain name registration.

3GB Disk Space + 10GB Bandwidth + 20 Email Accounts = ₦600 per month and ₦6,000 per year.
Includes free .name.ng, .com.ng, .net.ng, .org.ng domain name registration.

10GB Disk Space + 20GB Bandwidth + 50 Email Accounts = ₦1,150 per month and ₦11,500 per year.
Includes free .name.ng, .com.ng, .net.ng, .org.ng, .com, .net, .org domain name registration.

Unlimited Disk Space + Unlimited Bandwidth + Unlimited Email Accounts = ₦2,250 per month and ₦22,500 per year.
Includes free .name.ng, .com.ng, .net.ng, .org.ng, .com, .net, .org, .co.in domain name registration.

3-Year Plan with Free Website for Start-ups and Other SMEs
3GB Disk Space + 10GB Bandwidth + 20 Email Accounts = ₦17,250 for three (3) years.
Includes free .name.ng, domain name registration and free website design.

Domain Name Registration:

.name.ng - ₦500 per year.
.com.ng, .net.ng, .org.ng - ₦1,500 per year.
.com, .net, .org - ₦4,200 per year.

If they are steadfast in their resilience, dedication and innovation, Orwebhost will, no doubt, be the hosting company of the future. You can bet on that. Have fun growing your business.