Indian Handicrafts have been world-famous for quite a long time. Their origin dates back to the period of the Mughals and Guptas. They have their own history of being the richest jewel of Indian culture. Indian handicrafts have customers not just in India but even in the whole world. Imports of Indian Handicrafts happen at such a large scale that the Indian handicraft industry has to Produce their products in such a huge number so that they satisfy the needs of Indians as well as their export.

Talking about wooden Handicrafts. They have an origin that is more than 500 years old. The most famous Indian state for wooden handicrafts in Rajasthan. Wooden Handicrafts not only present a rich culture but are also supremely royal and have a perfect eye-catching view.  Wooden handicrafts are designed in such a unique manner with beautiful artistic crafting that they are perfect for gifting, home decor, usage, and everything. There are so many categories in which wooden Indian handicrafts are made like Wooden kitchen tools, Antique wooden decor, wooden toys, wooden statues and idols, wooden furniture and the list goes on. 

The Indian crafts are so famous because of their richness. Their popularity lies in the way they are made. Only wood of certain trees is considered good for these handicrafts like Teak, Sheesham, Sal, Oak, Mango, etc. These trees have wood that is considered best for making Indian handicrafts. The wood of trees like walnut, rosewood, and sandalwood are very very expensive and they are considered to be the richest quality of wood in the handicraft industry. 

Each region of India comprises a unique style of handcrafting art. It’s that particular style that renders exclusivity to that region. For instance, the southern states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are known for their wooden carvings which have earned worldwide recognition. Each year, several thousand wooden handicraft exports from these places are exported to the US, the UK, France, Italy, and other European countries as well as to the Middle East. Wooden handicraft exporters in India have an exhaustive range of wooden handicrafts collectibles and each craftwork has a distinct individuality.

The best part about Indian wooden Handicrafts is that if someone wants to set up a new business, the capital investment isn’t necessarily that large as it is required in other businesses. The desert state of India that is Rajasthan is considered the home for Indian wooden Handicrafts. The town of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh is also one of the biggest hubs of manufacturing wooden handicrafts. These places provide the best variety of products at reasonable prices and have the biggest markets in India. 

So if you’re planning either to buy wooden handicrafts or start a new business in this line, now you know where you might head to.