It’s right there on our homepage: your brand is unique, distinct and has the ability to move others. “Brand development” is the common term, but at Inspire Agency, we think of it more as “brand unveiling.” We’re not creating an artificial image, a forced and unpersuasive identity. We get to the authentic and distinct essence of who you are—your brand’s soul—and then help it shine for all to see and make you stand out in your field.

Isn’t this just branding? Not quite. “Branding” itself is a tactic of the larger strategy of “brand development,” the way you communicate who you are to the wider world. This includes logos, graphics, editorial guidelines, and other ways that the look and feel of your communications reinforce your distinct identity.

The Inspire Way is Inquire, Infuse and Inspire, so our brand development services always begin with Brand Discovery. That’s where we ask the questions and undertake the consumer and competitor research to uncover your authentic and distinct essence, understand how your brand is currently perceived by consumers, and how that compares to others in the marketplace.

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