How to Recover my SBCGlobal Account Email?


SBCglobal is a free webmail company that has collaborated with AT&T, which Yahoo manages. It has the primary purpose of resolving issues. It offers services to its customers all around the world. At times customers forget their email id or password; for that purpose, they need to get in touch with the process to recover their forgotten email id. 


The process through Which One Can Recover SBCGlobal Email Id. 


If one has forgotten their User id and wishes to recover it and has been provided with the secondary contact email address at the time of their sign, firstly, one has to visit the mail login page. One has to click on ‘Forgot User Id, ‘and one also has to enter their secondary email address at a given space. Then one has to click on the continue button. After completing this process, the user id should be sent to that address.  If one has failed to recover an email from the inbox, one has to make sure to check any junk mail or spam folder. The methods mentioned above will help you to know how one can recover a SBCGlobal email account

 Steps through which one can reset their email login account password. How one can set a new password in the SBCGlobal email password reset the account. 


1.    *  If one is using their mobile or computer, do visit their official site.

2.    * No one needs to find the forgotten password option on the login page and Click on it.

3.     * Do enter the email address for which one wishes to have set a new password.

4.     * In this step, a verification code will be sent to one’s mobile number or alternative email address.

5.    * After verifying the identity, one will be directed to a password reset page.

6.    * Once a new password is generated, one needs to click on the Save button.

7.    * Under the final step, one has reset the email password of their SBC account.