Joined Altitude and Temperature Environmental Test Chamber

DGBELL's Altitude and Temperature Test Chamber join Altitude and temperature to test different segments and items, particularly airplane flight.

Elevation Chambers (RH Series)

Elevation reproduction testing is significant for makers of items that may be delivered through air. It is particularly significant for guard and aviation applications where pressing factor and vacuum conditions are much more extraordinary. The Russells RH-Series elevation/temperature and height/temperature/mugginess chambers offer execution adaptability and unwavering quality for the present blended climate testing prerequisite. A Russells application architect can help you in choosing the setup, size, and choices that best suit your necessities. Altitude & Temperature Environmental Test Chamber


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About Altitude Test Chambers

Our elevation test chambers control the temperature climate for testing your item while reproducing different height conditions from site level to 100,000 feet. A similar chamber can be utilized to mimic temperature and dampness. Russells' Altitude Chambers currently meet RTCA DO-160 feline. B test determinations. Likewise meeting MIL-STD-810G, fast decompression for aeronautics compartment pressurization testing. We can mimic quick pressing factor change from 15,000 to 70,000 feet in 15 seconds with rapid information pressure.






Controlled Testing Environment Capabilities


•        Altitude

•        Temperature

•        Temperature and elevation (temperature controllable to 65,000 ft./20,000m)

•        Temperature and moistness

•        RTCA DO-160 icing and different other joined climate test


How do ecological chambers function?

Natural test chambers are situation that permit clients to control the ecological states of an encased space to run controlled tests regarding a matter. Analysts, architects, researchers, and makers use these conditions to push development and guarantee whatever items they produce are alright for use.


What is a chamber temperature?

A temperature test chamber is a particular piece of gear utilized for natural testing, semiconductor testing, substance steadiness testing, and that's just the beginning. ... Temperature loads ordinarily have a temperature range from at least - 40 to - 80C to a greatest around 300C to 350C, contingent upon the kind of blower.


Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Over 53+ various models of temperatire stickiness chamber let you pick. Different size, design and execution to suit numerous kinds of ecological test conditions. Temperature change rates from 1 to 15°C/min.Low temperature accessible: A: - 20?, B: - 40?, C: - 60? , D: - 86?, E:- 200?( fluid nitrogen refrigeration).

Included are temperature&humidity chamber, high low temperature test chamber, quick temperature change rate chambers (15?/min) and fluid nitrogen refrigeration test chamber. To perform cold warmth and dampness test, cold obstruction test, warm cycling test, ultra low temperature test, high temperature test, stockpiling condition, and alignment work.




With the multiplication of more assorted and convenient electronic and electrical gadgets today, gadgets are being liable to utilize and capacity in complex conditions, and assessment testing is needed in those conditions. Joined pressing factor, temperature, and stickiness conditions can be replicated to perform use climate assessment and capacity assessment at high height for electronic and electrical gadgets. On ESPEC's trying chamber, you can set the pressing factor up to a height of 45,000 meters, so you can assess activity at low-pressure, low-temperature high countries and assess air transport.