10 popular fashion accessories

It's not just the clothes that make you look good. A nice purse, a pair of earrings, or an expensive watch are all accessories that can have an impact on how fashionable you appear to others. These days, you can find accessories made of just about anything and everything. And they're affordable too — many good-quality accessories cost less than $100!

Listed below are 10 popular fashion accessories that will turn any outfit into a trendy one:

1. Scarves

Scarves have been around for decades and they've never gone out of style. Scarves look as hip as ever now especially when the weather gets cold during winter. They come in many different fabrics such as silk, wool, or cotton so you can be sure to pick up one that matches your coat and other clothing items.

2. Bangles/Bracelets (and Rings)

Bangles and bracelets go well with any kind of outfit — casual or formal. They're also on-trend accessories and they'll give your outfit a stylish look. Other than bracelets, rings can also look very cool — just don't overdo it and wear too many at the same time!

3. Watches

Watches are one of those accessories that will never go out of style… as long as you select the right type for your outfit and your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin, gold watches would be the best choice to make. If you've got dark skin, silver is better! Watches made from leather-look great too so feel free to pick one up depending on how much cash you're willing to spend.

4. Leather Tote Bags

Leather tote bags are right up there with leather wallets. Both items will turn heads and make you look like a million bucks. You can spend between $100-$300 on a high-quality leather bag so if you want to look special, this is the way to go! You can check these at wholesaleleatherbags.com

5. Jewelry

Just about any type of jewelry can improve your style quotient so pick different types and colors according to how formal or informal the occasion is. Make sure that your necklaces aren't too long though, otherwise, they might droop in front of everyone… which isn't very cool! On another note, avoid wearing gold chains when you're wearing something with an animal print because this clashes together.

6. Shiny Watches

Speaking of watches, these types are also very popular right now. They're bigger than normal watches and they have thick straps that might just break if you're not careful. The watch face is normally painted in bright colors so they look trendy! One thing to keep in mind though — try to avoid wearing shiny things when the sun's out because it will reflect off of them and cause people to squint their eyes at you… which isn't a good thing either.

7. Tights/Leggings

Wearing tights or leggings can make any outfit look more fashionable especially if it's an otherwise boring one (e.g., jeans). You'll find many different varieties too like see-through styles, tights that are colorful or black, etc. You can use tights or leggings to liven up a plain dress, but it's best not to wear them with shorts because this can be unflattering!

8. Sunglasses/Sunglasses with Mirrors

Sunglasses are popular fashion accessories so feel free to wear a pair anytime, anywhere. Just make sure that they suit your outfit and the occasion otherwise you'll look out of place in a hurry! It's also best not to wear sunglasses indoors because this will just draw attention to yourself… which isn't necessarily a good thing if you're at work or something. You can still wear them outside though — people don't seem to mind when the sun is shining brightly! On that note, glasses with mirrors on them are also very stylish but be careful not to offend anyone when wearing these! It depends on who you're with… sometimes it's okay to wear these types of glasses with family members while it might be wrong with friends.

9. Belts

Belts are great fashion accessories that you can use to draw attention to your waist area, but don't wear one if you have a large stomach or anything… it will just look terrible! There are many types of belts including ones made from leather, cotton, plastic and other materials so feel free to pick out one according to what you're wearing for the day. Just keep in mind that thin belts are better than thick ones because they'll make your waist look smaller!

10. Mittens/Gloves

Mittens or gloves are useful during wintertime but besides keeping you warm, they'll also make any outfit look more stylish. For example, a lady wearing a white dress will look better with black gloves on. If it's hot outside, you can also wear these things to make your outfit more modern and fashionable. However, avoid wearing more than one glove or mitten because it looks really weird when too many of them are worn at the same time!

Every fashion accessory has its pros and cons but they're worth trying out if you want to look stylish in a snap. One last thing — don't forget that there are countless types of fashion accessories available for you right now so consider this article your starter pack!