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Augmented Reality in Travel and Tourism Market

Travelers have become increasingly focused on a digital experience and augmented reality will become a key technology to support travel companies in their quest to become digitally focused. Most now travel with a smartphone, and travel apps are becoming increasingly common, thus the platform to develop augmented reality tools is present. Historically augmented reality has had a gimmicky image, but it has begun to shake it as the technology begins to be used to meet traveler needs. From way finding to measuring luggage, the possibilities for augmented reality in the travel space are vast. As more travelers become influenced by the digital advancement of a product/service the greater the role augmented reality will play.

This thematic research report takes an in-depth look at the use of augmented reality in travel and tourism. Firstly, the players section identifies some of the leading companies in augmented reality and categorizes their position in the value chain. After a technology briefing, a trends section is then provided, describing technology, macroeconomic, regulatory, media, and industry trends. An augmented reality industry analysis is then provided with a mergers and acquisitions section, and tourism case studies. After a timeline that tells the story of the development of augmented reality in tourism and beyond, a tourism industry analysis is provided which looks at key industry signals such as patents and job posting trends alongside industry sentiment analysis. Recommendations are given for the travel sector. Finally, the leading companies in the augmented reality theme are outlined, along with their competitive position and sector scorecards are delivered, showing how the different companies in each tourism sector compare in the theme of augmented reality.

Augmented reality is beginning to experience some useful applications across the travel and tourism industry. Once considered a gimmick, the technology is now being used to support the traveler journey and empower travelers. From allowing travelers to determine if their travel bag is the correct size to be taken onboard an aircraft to supporting destination wayfinding, augmented reality is becoming a travel tool that serves a purpose. As travelers seek out digitally advance travel providers augmented reality will play an increasingly important role.

- This thematic report provides an overview of the use of augmented reality in tourism.
- The key trends within this theme are split into five categories: technology trends, macroeconomic trends, regulatory trends, media trends, and industry trends.
- Several case studies are included to analyze the multiple ways companies have leveraged augmented reality and what they are doing to position themselves strongly.
- We highlight travel and tourism companies that are leading in the augmented reality theme, such as Delta Air Lines, Air France-KLM, and Visit Singapore.

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- Understand the impact of augmented reality on the tourism industry, using use cases to help you understand how you can adapt and understand this theme.
- Assess the strategies that companies are adopting to become front runners within this theme, gaining a competitive advantage as a result.
- Discover companies that are leading in the space.
- To view real-world trends created by the adoption of augmented reality from across the travel & tourism space.
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