Whether you wish to utilize decentralized finance (DeFi) apps or build NFTs on OpenSea, MetaMask can be considered as a bridge to decentralized applications (dapps).

This article will walk you through the intuitive step-by-step process of purchasing various tokens via the MetaMask wallet. Although MetaMask is the bridge between decentralized apps, you'll need a vehicle to traverse it. So, this process will help you to transverse and MetaMask will use Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens as fuel to propel you into the decentralized world.

Heading up to our core topic but before this, you have to perform MetaMask log in first and then you can proceed further in order to purchase tokens.

Acknowledge the way to buy tokens

To begin this, firstly confirm that the network you wish to purchase from is currently linked to your wallet. Let’s move ahead by following the comprehensive step-by-step guide for purchasing tokens via the MetaMask wallet extension.

Click the "Buy" button on the extension's home page.Now, you will see a screen where you may choose the provider you want to use.You'll be sent to the provider's platform after you've made your choice. To get an estimate of how much cryptocurrency you'll receive and the fees you'll have to pay, enter the amount of fiat money you'd want to spend.You have the option to modify the kind of token you are purchasing at this point. Make sure the one you wanted was the one you chose.To finish the transaction, adhere to the provided instructions.

In this way, you can successfully buy tokens through the MetMask extension. If you want to complete this purchase through mobile, just use the mobile application of MetaMask wallet and follow the same process outlined above.

Note- You will need to wait for the network to conduct the transaction because the token deposited into your wallet is a typical blockchain transaction. Don't worry, even while it won't take long but it can’t happen right away.

Bottom line

To sum up, MetaMask offers you to trade and store ETH and Ethereum-based tokens, you can add these tokens using the guide I have elucidated above. MetaMask is one of the best Ethereum wallets which is trusted by millions of traders because of its sophisticated features.

All in all, MetaMask is worthy and relatively easy to use so go for it and start investing to make a massive income either by performing MetaMask log in to its mobile application or its web browser extension.