Since its launch in 2016, MetaMask Chrome Extension has been gaining popularity among traders. The reason for this is that if you make a transaction on another platform you will not be able to relax while executing a trade because of its complex structure. But MetaMask is nothing like that, it has a very interactive interface that makes the navigation on this extension much more attractive. For example, while navigating a foxlike structure will follow your movements, the fox represents an anonymous identity.But not everything is perfect, there are always some imperfections also. So, in our blog, we will discuss one imperfection of MetaMask Extension and what steps can be taken to solve it.Incorrect Balance DisplaySome users of MetaMask Chrome have reported that the balance displayed on their account is not correct. And before continuing with the guided steps, you must have verified your balance of tokens on your block explorer and then compare the result with the balance shown on MetaMask For chrome. And if the balance does not match then follow the instructions below. A point is to be noted that these steps are for those who are using MetaMask Chrome Extension. And for this, you will be needed to have access to your Secret Recovery Phrase.The internet connection should be good. There is a proper speed limit that is required to run MetaMask and if your internet speed is below the said limit. Then you need to increase the speed of your connection.Close the currently running browser and then reopen it.In the next step, you should try to switch off the ad-blockers if installed any.In case you are using a VPN server, then use the MetaMask Extension when it is off.Try to switch your networks and then check your available balance.Check if there is any problem with the Browser permission.If none of the above methods works, then install a new browser other than Chrome that supports MetaMask. Now, on the new browser again install the MetaMask Extension and recover your account using the Secret Recovery Phrase.If the problem is not resolved by now, then you should go to the official support page of MetaMask. On the support page, a feature of live chat will be available. Press the button and then describe the issue you are facing. Then follow the guided instructions of the MetaMask agent.Final ThoughtsIf you are confused about the steps to check your balance on your block explorer, then just continue reading this final section of our blog. On your browser, search for Etherscan, it will help you in the tracking of your transactions, token prices, and addresses. So here you will have to enter all the required details and then you can view your existing token balance.Sometimes the balance updating process takes time you should wait for two days and if the balance is not updated, then contact their customer care services. Other than this issue there is no issue that has been reported recently. So, you should give MetaMask Extension a try.