Emails are an important part of our daily lives, especially in our workplace. We need to exchange several pieces of official information, notices, and many others with the other people in the organization. And, when it comes to an organization or a company that works remotely and its employee are scattered all over the world then email plays the most vital role.

There are several pieces of information that we share over email, and this also eliminates the probability of holding meetings wherein physical interactions are important. Looking at this necessity of the time, several companies emerged with the time intending to facilitate the users with email service. One such email provider company is AOL.

If you are enjoying the service of this email provider company, then there are certain things that you must be aware of to avoid losing your AOL login mail account. And, to know how can we avoid this situation, we have crafted this read for you.

What are the situations wherein there are chances of losing the account?

There are certain situations determined by this email provider company under which there are chances of losing the AOL login mail account and they are:

If you don’t login for 90 days, the account gets deactivatedIf you didn’t log into your account for 90 days but accessed the account before 180 days, then your email box is reactivatedIn case you don’t login for 180 days, then the account gets deleted

We will be further discussing these situations in the detail here. Let’s first understand what will happen if the account has not been logged in for 90 days.

Account not logged in for 90 days: As mentioned earlier, if the account is not accessed for 90 days then it gets deactivated. You might be now thinking of what deactivation means here. When an account is deactivated it means that you won’t be receiving incoming emails and the same will get returned to the sender. Thus, to avoid this situation try to login into your account within 90 days.

An account logged in before 180 days but after 90 days: In this situation, your email box will get reactivated which has been deactivated because of no access for 90 days. This means that you’ll now be notified of the emails sent to your email address, but you won’t be able to check out the emails that were returned to the sender during the deactivation period.

The account didn’t log in for 180 days: Now, comes the situation wherein you haven’t accessed your account for 180 days. As a result of it, your email account will get deleted and you won’t be able to reclaim the email address also.


By accessing your account frequently or at regular intervals, you can avoid chances of losing the AOL login mail account. You can even check the account status from the AOL account recovery flow.