Printers and scanners come in huge, modern measured units and they come in little, home-use work area units. For locally established utilized, you can purchase a HP Print And Scan Doctor in one, or you can get them independently. The two kinds of models are accessible with the composite models costing somewhat in excess of a solitary reason model.


Printers and scanners are cumbersome equipment to work with; they will generally work slow and frequently run into issues that demand significant investment and human mediation to settle.


HP Print and Scan Doctor


Issues with printers and scanners are difficult to investigate on the grounds that the source is exceptionally difficult to track down. There could be an issue with ports, with programming, with the drivers, or with the application that you're scanning or printing from, in addition to other things.


HP makes the two printers, scanners, and composite printer-scanners. To assist clients with investigating issues with their gadgets, it has a devoted instrument for the gig called the HP Print and Scan Doctor.


The HP Print and Scan Doctor is a free application created by HP. It works solely with HP printers and scanners. You can't utilize it with printers or scanners from different makers. This application is a trivial application on the off chance that you're hoping to print or scan from a HP gadget in any case, on the off chance that you frequently run into issues with your printer or scanner, this application ought to be utilized to attempt to determine them.


Download and Installation

You can download the HP Print and Scan Doctor from the authority HP site here. Click the Download Now button and save the record to your neighborhood circle. To introduce the application, essentially run the EXE document that you've downloaded.


Investigate with HP Print and Scan Doctor

The HP Print and Scan Doctor application can investigate issues with both a printer and a scanner. Your printer ought to as of now be introduced to utilize it, follow these means.


Associate the printer/scanner to your framework.

Power the printer/scanner on.

Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Click 'Pick your item' and permit the application to identify the model of the printer that is connected.

Pick how the printer is associated with the framework.

Select your gadget from the rundown.

To investigate printing issues, click Fix Printing.

To investigate scanning issues, click Fix Scanning.

Permit the application to run a full scan.

Adhere to any guidelines that it gives and apply any fixes that it suggests.

HP Print and Scan Doctor download


Printer/scanner wellbeing check

At the point when HP Print and Scan Doctor finishes a scan, it gives your printer/scanner a total wellbeing check. It will check assuming the administrations expected for printing are running, the right drivers have been introduced, the drivers are state-of-the-art, the gadget is associated with the right port, there isn't anything caught in the print line, and the gadget is on the web.


So, the application will investigate everything from the product side.


For all that is functioning as it ought to, you will see a green mark close to it.

If the application settled issues with a part, it will show this with a wrench symbol.

If the application ran a test on a part and the test fizzled and was in this manner skipped, you will see a yellow interjection mark.

A red cross will show issues with the gadget. Click it and adhere to the guidelines you see on the screen to determine the issue.


HP Print and Scan Doctor - Failed tests

On the off chance that the HP Print and Scan Doctor neglects to run a test, it might point towards equipment issues. Ensure your printer is set up accurately and that there are no paper jams. Go through this fundamental investigating guide for printers and then, at that point, take a stab at running the HP Print and Scan Doctor application once more.


Assuming that the printer is disconnected, attempt these fixes.



The HP Print and Scan Doctor application is an extraordinary application for fixing printer and scanner issues. You ought to utilize it close by the Windows 10 printer investigator. It works with both fresher HP models and more established heritage ones.