Intuit Data Protect is a backup service designed by QuickBooks that allows you to create a backup of the company file and secure it from unauthorized access. At times, users might come across certain errors when they tries to back up the data with the help of Intuit Data Protect service. Intuit Data Protect has stopped working is one such error that might be evoked when you are using the outdated version of QuickBooks and Intuit Data Protect. Thus, you need to fix the error at the earliest to work seamlessly without any issue.

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Why do you come across with Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working error? 

There are several reasons that might occur when Intuit Data Protect is no longer working. Thus delays the backup process of the company data. Have a glimpse at all the possible reasons that might cause the error.

1. When you are not using the latest or upgraded version of QuickBooks Desktop software and Intuit Data Protect.

2. Windows Firewall clashes with the Intuit Data Protect because it blocks or interrupts its access to the internet network connection. 

3. IBuEngHost.exe is running on a Windows user instead of running on a System user. 

4. The error might be caused when you have not added the Intuit Data Protect Server address as a trusted site in Internet Explorer settings.

Easy methods to resolve Intuit Data Protect has stopped working error. 

Method 1: Ensure that IBuEngHost.exe is running on  the System User 

You need to verify the file is running as a System User. To do so, follow the steps below: 

1. At first, right-click at the Windows Taskbar and click Start Task Manager. 

2. Move to the Details and search for the IBuEngHost.exe process.

3. Also, ensure that IBuEngHost.exe has the Username as System next to it, and the status is set as Running. 

In case if IBuEngHost.exe is not running as a System User, proceed with the steps listed below:

a. Download the most recently launched version of the installer for QB.  

b. Access the download folder and run the installer.

c. Choose Run as Administrator and carry on with the re-installation process. . 

d. Once the installation is over, search for IBuEngHost.exe in Task Manager once again. Ensure that the status is running and the Username is set as System. 

Solution 2: Ensure the Windows Firewall isn’t interrupting Intuit Data Protect Files

1. Click the Windows icon and type Firewall in the search box. 

2. Go to the Allow an app through Windows Firewall and then choose  Allow another app. 

3. Choose the Browse option. 

4. Move to Program Files(X86) > Common Files > Intuit > Data Protect. 

5. You need to select QBIDPservice.exe and then click the Open button. 

6. Choose Network Types, checkmark the Private checkbox, and click Add. 

7. Carry on with the 5th and 6th steps for the files IBuEngHost.exe and IntuitDataProtect.exe.If you receive the message stating “the files already exist,” then the issue is resolved. 

Ensure that you must have added Intuit Data Protect as the trusted website in Internet Explorer so that it doesn’t block it from accessing the company file. 

With this, we conclude with all the verified solutions to rectify Intuit Data Protect Has Stopped Working” error. To know more about the error, you must reach our experts by dialing the support number +1(855)-948-3651.