A successful recruitment entails several steps to follow:

·         Staff request. In the applicant section, prompt the applicant to seek an interview with the recruiter.

·         Description of tasks. The description of the vacant position is made in a document detailing the functions, skills and academic requirements that the applicant must have.

·         Analysis within the organization chart. This analysis assesses the importance of the position within the organization and reveals the place it occupies among the other positions in the company.

·         Internal search. First, the company may decide to recruit workers who are already in the company. This could help cut costs and promote employees at the same time.

·         Determine external sources of recruitment. In the event that the position is not filled internally, HR resorts to the external search for the candidate.

·         Reception of postulated candidates. Applicants must send their resume or application to the selection site.

·         Background check. To confirm if the candidate is the ideal for the position, a review of the academic background and work experiences is carried out.

·         Interview. Through an interview it is possible to know in more depth the motivations and skills of the applicant for the position.

·         Concrete tests. In addition to the analysis of the intellectual evidence, medical examinations and even union interviews must be carried out.

·         Final report. The results of the evaluations of each candidate are disclosed to the person who requires the new element in the company.

·         Written offer to the candidate. It is necessary to make a written proposal to deliver it to the selected candidate. There will come the salary and the benefits offered by the company.

·         Communication to those not selected. Whoever was responsible for carrying out the recruitment process will have to notify the applicants who were not selected of the company's decision.

·         Admission, induction and training. The selected candidate must submit the documents that lead to the hiring. Subsequently, the candidate will be presented at the company and is informed of what his/her job functions will be.

Recruitment Essentials

Carrying out an efficient recruitment process is part of an organization's strategic plan and its growth vision.

If done inappropriately, the company will lose talent with the right potential for the vacant position, or a person with negative characteristics may be hired that affects the performance of the work team.

Looking for experts in this type of process can generate many benefits.

Human Quality, professionals in personnel recruitment, is in charge of attracting, interviewing, selecting and evaluating the talent that your company needs, regardless of what type of position you need to fill.

Whether it is an operational, technical or administrative position, HQ adapts to cover the necessary profile for a vacancy.

With their support you will be able to:

·         Find the best talent, through specific strategies focused on the search for personnel.

·         Have a salary mapping: HQ performs a salary mapping according to area, profile and specialty.

·         Decrease in times: quick results in the times of capturing and locating potential candidates.

·         Have means and strategies: as experts, HQ presents you with various means and strategies to find the best talent.

·         Validation and evaluation: its specialists will carry out the process of validation and evaluation of the candidate.

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