With the improvement of science and biotechnology, it is easy to develop various cleaning agents for maintaining your home hygiene. But sometimes, the over usage of chemical-treated cleaning properties can damage your health when the chemical residuals contact your skin. Thus it is better to use organic cleaning products for home hygiene.

Health benefits of organic cleaners

The huge health benefits of organic home cleaning liquids are as follows-

1. Chemical hand washes, soap, and shampoo can penetrate your skin. Your skin can quickly absorb these dangerous chemicals that can affect your overall body function.

2. Organic cleaners are also safe for your pet’s health; if you want to use pet safe disinfectant floor cleaner, you can get it from organic stores.

3. Eco-friendly products contain natural properties and glycerin that can maintain your skin moisture and skin pH balance.

4. Eco-friendly products are free from allergies ingredients; thus, it is safe for sensitive skin people.

5. Eco-friendly products are free from chemicals; thus, they cannot create pollution inside your home.

6. People with asthma and other respiratory diseases should use organic cleaning products because organic products do not create any respiratory issues.

7. Many organic products contain anti-fungal or anti-bacterial agents that are effective in curing virus or fungal infections.

Essential oil for cleaning

Organic floor cleaners contain various essential oils that give a unique smelling appearance in your home. If you are looking for the best oils for cleaning, you can choose from the following lists.

1. Lemon oil

2. Tea tree oil.’

3. Wild orange oil

4. Eucalyptus oil

5. Cinnamon oil

6. Thyme oil

7. Pine oil

8. Peppermint oil

9. Lavender oil

10. Rosemary oil

Among these unique varieties of essential oil, you can choose any one of them and mix few drops with the regular water to mop the floor. The unique anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients of these essential oils can remove germs and impurities from the floor.

Benefits of all-purpose cleaner

1. If you are looking for a baby safe multi purpose cleaner, you should use the koparo clean all-purpose cleaner. Koparo clean produces various organic cleaning liquids.

2. All-purpose floor cleaner is enriched with tea tree oil and anti-bacterial anti-fungal property that can kill germs from the floor and other surfaces.

3. You can clean the furniture and other electrical gadgets such as fridge and microwave with this cleaner.

4. This all-purpose cleaner is free from parabens, ammonia, sulfates, chlorine, synthetic dyes, and artificial colours.

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