Technology has transformed the way we work and business organizations are also not left behind. They have also started technologically advanced tools and have simplified their processes. This has helped them to come closer to their customers, including boosting their overall productivity.

HRMS Software Kolkata offers you automation, which is embraced by most organizations, in spite of their sizes and turnovers. HRMS software (Human Resource Management System) helps businesses to carry out their routine operations efficiently, timely, and automatically. 

What you can do with an HRMS Software Pune?

HRMS provides you with a solution redefining your payroll experience and making you stress-free. Some of the many solutions this software can provide to your organization are:

Calculates Payroll

 It can calculate payroll automatically without any human intervention. You can run payroll in just a few clicks and can even generate pay-slips. Moreover, you can share a detailed breakdown of taxes, allowances, and deductions in the payslips. 

Maintains Diverse Salary Structures

HRMS offers you the facility to create multiple pay slabs for staff. You can manage the appropriate template with the staff associated with their level of jobs. 

Pay Salary on Fixed Time

Automation ensures to pay your employees on time. It can directly transfer employees’ salaries to their respective bank accounts in the most timely manner. Paying salary every month is a monotonous job and can lead to human mistakes including miscalculations. HRMS ensures to transfer of the right amount and at the right time. 

Helps Meet Timely Statutory Compliance

HRMS Software ensures to keep free your businesses from any penalties by meeting all statutory compliances. It provides a platform to make tax filing easy and helps calculate PF, PT, ESI, LWF, IT, and other necessary tax components of a business.

Encourage Self-Service Module

By deploying payroll software you can achieve a seamless collaboration between your employee and payroll staff. Automation helps cater to all the necessary requests and reduces the burden of HR. It reduces your payroll costs and data entry by delegating routine documentation to your employees. 

Assign User Roles

You can put control while different people using the HRMS software by maintaining user roles and creating role-based access.

Salary History

You can also follow your employee’s career growth and can track their salary revision history. It helps you to attract and retain the right talent offering them the right rewards. 

Easy Data Migration

OpportuneHR ensures that all your existing data is migrated seamlessly into the new system, and with minimum effort. The company provides pre-defined templates to help import salary and all previous details, eliminating the risk of duplicates.   

Easy Employee Exit Management

HRMS Software Kolkata makes your employees' exit systematic, providing them with the full departing details and final settlements being done automatically. You can also w=send them their final payslips, Form-16, and other necessary documents.

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