Companies are adopting new techniques with automation, thus making their tedious and time-consuming tasks simple. Technology has changed every aspect of the business landscape. One of the automation that has made companies more competitive is HR and Payroll Software

HRMS is an indispensable tool that can automate most of the HR jobs. It can manage time and attendance, payrolls, recruitment, onboarding, training, planning, and much more. Saying that HRMS Software Mumbai is just beneficial to HR departments would be an understatement. It offers more advanced systems boosting employee productivity through better engagement. 

There are various types of payroll software available in the market. Determining that a product will meet your needs can be difficult. So, before buying HRMS software, understand the essential features every HR software must-have. 

Top Features of Payroll Software India

Knowing some salient features will help you choose the right HRMS software for your business. 

Hiring and Recruitment

HRMS Software Mumbai offers easy-to-use templates to help speed up the recruitment process. The software automates the hiring process and can even propose the appropriate salary by analyzing your company's data.

Employee Portal

The employee portal allows authorized persons to access their financial and other information in real-time. It helps save time for the HR department, as there is a lesser need to supervise such activities. 

Payroll Computing

One of the core jobs of HR is payroll calculations. HRMS software computes and pays salaries automatically and can deduct taxes, etc. while delivering the salaries directly into an employee's bank account. 

Workflows Automation

HR software automates repetitive routine announcements. It keeps all the participants informed through automated notifications, reducing the job of the HR department.

Time Tracking

This is an efficient system of applicant tracking when many resumes are filed. It automates the process of finding the right recruits according to their qualifications and can determine where to place them.

Employee Education

Employees need to upgrade their skills from time to time. As technology and processes are constantly evolving, HR software determines the skill gaps and manages training sessions accordingly.

Employee Benefits

To retain employees, managing their remuneration is also critical. HRMS software makes payments to employees in addition to their earnings based on set eligibility criteria. It can also manage accounting integration for compensation expenditures. 

Easy Onboarding

The HR software makes the employee onboarding process easy by assisting new hires to become familiar with all the necessary requirements over a single platform. Interacting with software is a lot easy than human for the new recruits. 

Performance Management

One of the critical jobs of the HR department is to keep track of every employee's performance. HR software can automatically track an individual's performance and can share the data in real-time. 

Calculation of Leaves and Absence

HRMS Software Mumbai is designed to work following the company's policies. It can automate leave scheduling, track them, and approve leaves per a company's policies.

Employee Data

All the information of an employee, including name, email address, leave notifications, and others, are available online and offline. An authorized person can see the details of all the employees on a single platform. 

Safety Management

The HR software safeguards all the information following a secure process. It can produce codes and passwords so that only authorized persons can interact with the data, thus ensuring zero threats to the system.


HR software enables an organization to easily maintain the records, computation, and communication tasks by digitalizing the whole process. Opportune HR can help you automate and streamline your HR activities, ensure employee retention, and help them perform to their full potential.