Community and its people recognize films through their actors, but it’s a fact that the production sector knows that there are many key players that work behind the curtains thus influencing the whole movie. Among the leading players in production is the team of Lighting and grip rental Los Angeles. Grips and electricians are lighting and rigging experts who focus on camera support and giving the perfect lighting as well as support jib, dolly, and slider needs from the camera department. Grips work with the crew of cameras to ensure that the camera is mounted properly to the camera dollies, camera cranes, or any other camera mount. Grip & Lighting Los Angeles play a crucial role in any video production. As grips are responsible for the construction and maintenance of most of the heavy hardware on location, having the appropriate grip equipment is important.

Whether it’s about a new producer or an experienced person leading the production rental houses, knowledge of the equipment that’s in the grip truck and its handle instruction is a must. It also ensures that producers get the right-sized truck with the equipment they need based on the type and size of the project. The 5 Ton Lighting Package LA is mostly recommended for larger commercials and films that require many types of equipment as per the needs. The 5-ton package consists a little of everything and a lot more than many different production equipment rental companies offer in LA. Known to be a full-feature truck, it can haul twice the weight of a 3-ton. It includes frames of every size, two stand carts, a full complement of c-stands, as per HMI’s, LED lights, Arri Sky panels S60 and 11 ARRI tungsten lamps, as well as ETC Source Four 26 Degree 750w light for long throws. Also, there’s an abundance of expendables.

These trucks are organized in such a manner that working off the truck or taking all the carts off becomes very easy. All carts fit straight on the lift gates, enabling safe, one-man loading. The design is such that the crew doesn't have to keep running back to the truck while a large aluminum level lift gate ensures safe loading and unloading. As with all packages, it is customizable to meet the production needs. It comes with a huge assortment of heavy-duty stands, clamps, rigging accessories and lighting changers. All equipment is neatly packed on several head carts, muscle carts, hampers and hand trucks to make accessibility of the equipment easy and efficient.