Steps to take when you get a new phone

You are likely reading this guide after your phone has been stolen. But you can still apply this information to your new phone or to your old phone when you will retrieve it with our tool. You must know that the actions you take after your phone has been stolen depend heavily on what you’ve done beforehand.
By following the tree steps shared in this guide, buying a new phone becomes a lot useful when you lost a phone.

1. Note your device’s IMEI number

Keep a record of your IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identification). You can find it in your phone’s settings or in your online account. It might be printed either on the back of your phone (near the battery or SIM card) or on the original packaging. Also you can find IMEI number by entering *#06# on your phone’s call screen.

If your phone is stolen or lost, sometimes your mobile network can use your phone’s IMEI code to locate it. However, they can block your stolen phone. The device won’t operate in your country in which the phone was registered. So when your phone is stolen you may report your IMEI Number and block the device. If your phone is recovered, your service provider can unblock your phone.

2. Install an anti-theft app

It’s always a good idea to install an anti-theft app on your phone. Anti-theft apps give you a better chance of getting your phone back or at least keep your data safe.

Some apps like Find My Device are pre-installed on your device. It can be activated from within the iCloud options page in Settings. But there are also some third-party apps available. It’s important that you install them in order for them to help you finding your device.

3. Make sure the Automatic backup switch is on

A lost phone or a stolen phone is a terrible thing. But the most serious thing is not to lose the phone but lose your personal information such as contacts, photos, videos..

So be sure that everything on your handset is backup. Both Google and Apple offer automatic backup features that are easy configured in your device.

How To Use IMEI Number To Locate Your Lost Phone

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique and specific 15-digit number to each mobile phone. Knowing your IMEI number can definitely be used to locate a phone when it’s stolen or has been lost.

The service providers and police have databases in which these IMEI numbers fall into white and black lists. An owner can report his IMEI Number to service provider or the police and make it blacklisted after a theft.

There are tree steps to do with your IMEI