Manan Steels & Metals is an established and well-known Round Bar manufacturers in India that specializes in the production of stainless steel round bars. In addition, we provide our valued customers with a variety of options.

The curved shape of these bars ensures that heavy loads are evenly distributed, making them an excellent choice for carrying weight. Additionally, we are a well-known Round Bar Supplier In India.

We are well-known for our extensive range of fittings designed to meet a variety of pipe requirements. Our extensive selection includes fittings made from carbon steel, alloy steel, and Round Bar. As a result, we are now the industry's leading provider of alloy. 

Uses and Specifications Of Round Bar:Construction and Engineering: Round bars are commonly utilized in the field of construction to serve as essential elements such as pillars, girders, and reinforcements.They work in the manufacturing of machines and tools in the field of engineering.The specifications might involve different types of steel or other alloys, depending on the strength, hardness, and ability to resist corrosion that is needed.Manufacturing and Machining:Round bars are widely used as raw materials for machining components in manufacturing processes.They work in the manufacturing of shafts, bolts, connectors, and various components for machines.Our specifications may include various details such as diameter, length, tolerance, and surface finish. As one of the leading Alloy 20 Round Bar Manufacturers in India, we have gained a strong reputation for producing exceptionally durable and high-quality products that stand the test of time.Automotive Industry:Round bars have a multitude of applications within the automotive industry, particularly in the fabrication of components like axles, drive shafts, and suspension parts.Specifications may include specific alloy grades to meet strength and durability requirements. We are also a leading Inconel Round Bar Manufacturer in India By subjecting the Inconel Round Bar to a series of high-temperature rollers, the material's thickness is reduced and molded into the desired shape. Oil and Gas Industry:Round bars are commonly used in the oil and gas sector to build pipelines, valves, and various other parts.Requirements may include substances that can endure harsh surroundings and situations of elevated pressure.Aerospace Applications:Round bars are commonly used in aerospace for the production of structural components and landing gear.Specifications might involve the use of lightweight alloys that possess both high strength and exceptional resistance to heat.Marine Industry:Round bars are commonly utilized in the building of marine structures, ship manufacturing, and offshore platforms.Specifications may center on materials that are resistant to corrosion and can withstand the conditions found in marine environments.General Fabrication:Round bars are frequently utilized in the field of general fabrication to construct braces, supports, and other components that contribute to the overall structure.Specifications can cover various aspects such as the composition of materials, dimensions, and the finish on the surface.Tool and Die Making:Round bars are essential in the field of tool and die-making as they are utilized to fabricate punches, dies, and other components required for tooling purposes.Requirements may consist of particular types of tool steel that possess the necessary attributes of hardness and resistance to wear.There are the following grades of round bars availableSMO 254 Round Bar Manufacturer in IndiaHastelloy Round Bar Manufacturer in IndiaAlloy A286 Round Bar Manufacturer in IndiaRound Bar ManufacturerTypes of Round Bars:

Mild Steel Round Bars: Mild steel round bars are widely utilized due to their affordability and versatility. These bars find applications in construction, manufacturing, and general engineering where exceptional strength is not of utmost importance.

Stainless Steel Round Bars: Stainless steel round bars are known for their impressive ability to withstand rust and are particularly suitable for environments that involve moisture or difficult conditions. These bars are commonly utilized in the production of kitchen appliances, medical instruments, and architectural elements.

Aluminum Round Bars: Round aluminum bars are known for their lightweight nature and ability to resist corrosion. This makes them perfect for situations where weight is a top priority. They are widely used in aerospace, automotive, and marine industries.

Tool Steel Round Bars: Tool steel round bars are engineered to possess exceptional durability, resistance to wear, and the ability to endure high temperatures. These round bars find widespread application in the manufacturing of cutting tools, dies, and molds.

Carbon Steel Round Bars: Carbon steel round bars are recognized for their ability to provide a favorable blend of resilience, longevity, and economic value. These multipurpose bars find widespread application in diverse sectors including construction, manufacturing, and the automotive industry.

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