QuickBooks error 6000 77 shows up while accessing the QuickBooks company file. This happens when the application fails to start the database server. However, this error mainly occurs when antivirus programs like PC Tools Internet Security, AVG Anti-Virus, and SpyHunter Malware block QuickBooks. This is an error that should be fixed immediately. This blog will cover the solutions for this error. 
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Solutions of Error 6000 77 in QuickBooks

There are a few reasons for the error to show up. Solutions focus on dealing with the error. Some answers are given down below:

PC Tools Internet Security 

Some files are considered a threat by the security systems of a computer. However, in reality, those files are required by QuickBooks to run correctly. Hence, the security systems put those files in quarantine. So, to restore “infections” or threats that have been quarantined, follow the steps given down below:

1. In the Settings menu, choose Quarantine.
2. Choose the necessary items to restore. Then select restore. 
3. Select Yes and then OK. 

To prevent the QuickBooks directory from getting scanned, you have to set up an exception. To set up an exception, implement the steps given down below:

1. Choose Settings in the PC Tools Internet Security menu. 
2. Choose Global Action List, and to be excluded from scanning, select Add to choose the files.  
3. Now finally, select OK. 

AVG Anti-Virus Settings

To stop any QuickBooks directory from getting scanned, go through the steps given down below:

1. Close QuickBooks and open AVG Anti-Virus. 
2. Double-click on the Resident Shield and select Manage Exceptions. 
3. Pick Add Path and then add the path or the location of the folder where QuickBooks is installed. 
4. Choose OK and finally save settings. 

Now to check if any of the QuickBooks files are quarantined, implement the steps down below:

1. Open the AVG Antivirus User Interface. Choose History. 
2. Select Virus Vault and locate any QuickBooks files quarantined. 
3. Choose the necessary files and then select Restore and Close.
4. Now open QuickBooks Desktop. 
5. Similarly, you can follow certain steps and check for renamed files in the installation directory. 


This blog covers causes and solutions for the QuickBooks error 6000 77. You can also try SpyHunter Malware Software to separate QuickBooks from the blocked process. Follow all the solutions possible to get the best results. This error will get resolved if solutions are followed carefully. To know more about this error, contact the  of QuickBooks Professionals Team at 1.800.579.0391