Sarees are being highly preferred by women irrespective of their age. It has been proven the most versatile outfit for ages and would remain the same. They are evergreen and ever-stylish, and the trend of saree can never get faded. There's no harm in going all way to desi for a west inspired day. Saree carries a timeless charm. Take your pick from banarasi, silk, plain, floral, or printed. There is always a question of where we can get the latest collection update or what style is trending for retailers. Here present all the solutions to your problems. Invest in more stylish garments. Some of our top picks this year.

1. Printed Saree

They are simple sarees that are designed by applying prints on fabric. This type of saree provides a most elegant outlook as it is not filled with heavy embroidery; thus, it gives a simple and sleek look instead of a husky one. The flowy and fluid printed designer saree is stylish and comfortable to carry. Printed fabrics have been in vogue since they came into existence. As prints have become an integral part of the textile industry and fashion world, Indian attire like sarees could not remain unaffected by it. Printed saree have brought freshness to the Indian fashion world. If you are a retailer, then this should be the must-have piece in your collection.

2. Chiffon Saree

They are most beautiful to touch, see or wear. Chiffon saree is the ultimate saree that you could wear to any occasion and are a plain-woven fabric that is transparent and lightweight. Most women prefer this saree over silk saree as they are very soft to wear. This fabric has flare when draped; thus, it looks perfect to the body giving it a flowy appearance. The color red represents love, so this valentine's would be great to have an ideal red saree.

3. Synthetic Saree

This type of fabric is the most comforting one. Synthetic has shiny fabric teamed up with little embellishment, making it look elegant and versatile. This sare is highly demanded, which makes it best suited to gift someone this valentine. The synthetic fabric looks lustrous, attractive, extraordinary when designed, and making them popular among younger demographics. Synthetic material looks more durable and robust, more advanced, and people prefer this type of saree.

4. Cotton Saree

Valentine season is officially here. So, this time cotton saree would be a great alternative. A simple basic saree in cotton fabric remains a standard wardrobe essential for every Indian woman. Cotton fabric is not only light on your skin but also a healthy fabric for your clothing collection. For any occasion, through this kind of saree, you can make a statement with our exclusive cotton saree. Age doesn't matter with regards to do up your best. Cotton sarees have many vital factors that one cannot resist buying;  its very comfortable, easy maintenance, and highly affordable. You can experience the collection of cotton sarees in different beautiful colors and varieties.

5. Silk Saree

One of the most elegant and versatile fabrics. Silk has a graceful fall and an unmatched luxurious appeal. Many silk saree like chanderi, Kanchipuram silk, and banarasi silk are handloom-made, each with its unique characteristics. Silk is the one fabric that can be styled on any occasion and gives a rich look. Silk saree have occupied an essential place in the fashion market, and today women of different castes and creeds have shown their interest in this elegant piece of clothing. This season add this saree to your collection and redefine your fashion statement.  


M.R Saree Emporium is a brand name that has prospered to become one of the best traditional hubs for their ethnic saree collection. A saree can be worn on all occasions and its versatility makes it unique in its way and attracts customers. Sarees are also a symbol of independence so, this Valentine saree would be great to have in your collection.