Steel tubes are essential components for plumbing. They are used to transport water, gas, and liquids in residential and commercial buildings. However, there are different types of steel tubing for plumbing: galvanized, black, and stainless. How to choose your plumber's tube? Here is some useful information.

Galvanized tubes

The galvanized tubes are coated with a layer of zinc which protects the steel against corrosion. This type of tube is often used for drinking water pipes or for wastewater pipes. The advantages of galvanized tubing are its durability and resistance to rust.

Furthermore, the cost of fittings required to connect these pipes can be high, as they must be constructed using galvanized steel to ensure compatibility with the pipes. For high-quality galvanized tubes, consider reaching out to experienced p9 pipe suppliers.

The black tubes

The black tubes are not covered with a protective coating, as is the case with the galvanized tubes. These, therefore, tend to rust more quickly than their zinc-treated counterparts.

However, their main advantage is their affordability compared to other types of steel pipes for plumbing. Black tubing is often used for natural gas lines or for sewage pipes.

Looking for durable and reliable black tubes? Consider seeking out professional p22 pipe suppliers for the best options.

Stainless tubes

If you seek a material that is both resilient and resistant to corrosion, stainless steel tubes are an excellent choice. They are often used in corrosive environments, such as industrial or marine installations.

However, their cost is higher than that of other types of steel pipes for plumbing. Additionally, they can be difficult to work with because stainless steel is harder than regular steel.

P22 pipe suppliers may also offer a variety of stainless tube options, making them a good choice for those seeking reliable and durable stainless steel piping solutions.

How to choose your plumber's tube?

The choice of steel tube type will mainly depend on the specific project and individual needs. If you are looking for an affordable option for your plumbing installation, then black tubing may be a good fit.

To ensure the purity of your drinking water system, it is advisable to utilize galvanized pipes treated with a protective coating against chemical contamination.

Finally, for robust and corrosion-resistant material suitable for industrial or marine purposes, stainless steel tubing is the optimal choice despite its relatively high cost.


There are different types of steel tubing available in the market today to meet the varied needs of plumbing projects. The choice between these options will mainly depend on the available budget as well as the specific requirements related to the project. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of steel tubing for plumbing in order to make an informed choice.

For those seeking the superior strength and corrosion resistance offered by duplex stainless steel, it's advised to rely on professional and reliable super duplex pipe suppliers. These suppliers have the necessary expertise and experience to provide high-quality and reliable piping solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of the project. Ultimately, choosing the correct pipe and supplier will ensure a successful, long-lasting installation that meets the specific needs of the project.