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Dear Human A set of daily images that belong to the vicinity of your life you yes you probably missed about you, but the first and most important of the key steps in overcoming the problem of obesity Ghost who spent as long as the owners of frustration and rejection of selfHere are important steps these circumstancesA new way to lose weightAnd effective plan to maintain itBut confirmed the result in weight lossThe first problem is a psychological factor can be a cause of obesity or weight-loss solution inPsychological problems and worries and psychological pressures of work by each individualSadness and depressionJoy and happinessFailure and successVacuum timeWhen he does not manned yourself with something you love and good for you Yes more time spent with something you loveMark foods that help in reducing the weight of your daily routineReplace foods that cause obesity with nutritious food, and burn GriefSports friend Mark Green, such as food and drinkMark read books weekly programFamiliarize yourself calm and meditationFeed your soul mentally, psychologically and emotionally IslamI will give you, God the next time the second part with respect to the quantity for each individual factor depending on the amount of food you coveredThere will be a program regulates the amount in your food God Save