We're stuck at home. Previously, it was during breaks and holidays. Now, coronavirus lockdowns are to blame. Most of us spend nights inside because public spaces are hazardous.
Gamer gold! Explore online worlds. Online games abound. Online minigames are cheapest. Free and appropriate for any browser-enabled device. Scroll down for popular starting categories.GamblingShooters feature armed characters. Shoot your way out of tough scenarios against foes. Despite the name, these adventures don't include killing. It gives gamers what they want:
- Competition. These video games let you outwit and exceed your opponent.
- Community. You enjoy fun with friends and collaborate.
- Challenge. Leader boards and awards entice you in. Becoming the greatest or earning all badges is rewarding.
- Knowledge. Investigate mechanics, maps, and missions. Also, get talents. It's for kids and grownups.
- Not violence, just natural curiosity triggers.

Best Fun Games to Play Online 
Bullet Bonanza's gameplay and colors are trendy. Animals with guns eliminate each other in a cartoon-styled map. Cool! Especially if you have a bomb-thrower. Battle strangers or establish a room for friends.
Want no-download multiplayer adventures? Link to online games here.
Racing Games
Why are fast, strong racers so appealing? I believe it's the freedom of racing through challenging courses. And driving costly speeders we'll never purchase.
Others favor cartoon-like races. No matter what, you'll update auto components. It hooks and gets people talking. Should I buy the engine with in-game currency? Wheels? Best model stats? Genre lovers need intense feelings. They'll remember the track to win.
Best Fun Games to Play Online
Burning Rubber XS. You'll face swift competitors. Racer, yes. But win anyhow. Burn the automobile that wants to leave you behind The competition is fierce. Upgrade weaponry, gather repairs and bonuses. Win.
Puzzle Games
Online puzzle experiences may replace actual jigsaws. They contain more substance and aren't just puzzles. Match 3, crosswords, woodoku,  etc. They're portable and constantly available:
These games kill time. When bored, fatigued, or needing a break, meditate.
They calm nerves. If you're overwhelmed, vent online. You'll feel better after doing some things.
We learn from them. It might be content or skill-related information. In mechanics. Problem-solving, creativity, inventiveness, patience, etc.
Best Fun Games to Play Online
Block Champ is fun. And exercise your intellect. Arrange cubes in a grid. Fill vertical and horizontal lines carefully. After then, more blocks may be added. Lose when there aren't enough vacant cells. Until when? Strategy and in game choices matter.