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CyberArk Defender - EPM Exam is an essential certification program for individuals who are responsible for managing and securing privileged access in their organizations. It validates the knowledge and skills required to implement and administer CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager solutions effectively. CyberArk Defender - EPM certification is globally recognized and can help individuals advance their careers in cybersecurity.

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It is seen as a challenging task to pass the EPM-DEF exam. Tests like these demand profound knowledge. The CyberArk EPM-DEF certification is absolute proof of your talent and ticket to high-paying jobs in a renowned firm. CyberArk Defender - EPM EPM-DEF test every year to shortlist applicants who are eligible for the EPM-DEF exam certificate.

CyberArk, a leading cybersecurity company, offers an extensive range of products and services that help organizations secure their critical assets, including privileged accounts and credentials. Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) is one such solution that enables organizations to secure their endpoints and prevent cyber attacks that exploit privileged access. The CyberArk EPM-DEF Certification Exam is a comprehensive assessment of a candidate's knowledge and skills in using CyberArk EPM to protect their organization's endpoints.

CyberArk EPM-DEF (CyberArk Defender - EPM) Certification Exam is a comprehensive certification designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their expertise in CyberArk's Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) solution. EPM-DEF exam covers a variety of topics related to EPM, including the installation and configuration of EPM, the management of endpoints, and the management of privileged accounts. Individuals who pass the CyberArk EPM-DEF Certification Exam will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in implementing and managing CyberArk's EPM solution.

CyberArk Defender - EPM Sample Questions (Q26-Q31):

An EPM Administrator would like to exclude an application from all Threat Protection modules. Where should the EPM Administrator make this change?

A. Threat Protection under Agent Configurations.B. Authorized Applications under Application Groups.C. Privilege Threat Protection under Policies.D. Protect Against Ransomware under Default Policies.

Answer: B

A policy needs to be created to block particular applications for a specific user group. Based on CyberArk's policy naming best practices, what should be included in the policy's name?

A. Target use groupB. Policy creation dateC. The policy's Set nameD. Creator of the policy

Answer: A

When enabling Threat Protection policies, what should an EPM Administrator consider? (Choose two.)

A. Threat Protection features are not available in all regions.B. Some Threat Protection policies are applicable only for Windows Servers as opposed to Workstations.C. Certain Threat Protection policies apply for specific applications not found on all machinesD. Threat Protection policies requires an additional agent to be installed.

Answer: B,C

Which of the following is CyberArk's Recommended FIRST roll out strategy?

A. Implement Application ControlB. Implement Ransomware ProtectionC. Implement Threat DetectionD. Implement Privilege Management

Answer: D

What unauthorized change can CyberArk EPM Ransomware Protection prevent?

A. Windows Registry KeysB. Certificates in the Certificate StoreC. Website DataD. Local Administrator Passwords

Answer: B


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