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Oracle 1z0-1104-22 certification exam is designed for professionals who are looking to validate their expertise and knowledge in securing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Security Professional certification exam is aimed at professionals who have a deep understanding of the security features and capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and have experience in implementing security measures to protect their organization's cloud infrastructure.

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Oracle 1z0-1104-22 (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Security Professional) Exam is designed to test the skills and knowledge of professionals who are responsible for securing the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 1z0-1104-22 exam is intended for security professionals, security administrators, network administrators, and other IT professionals who are responsible for maintaining the security of cloud infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Security Professional Sample Questions (Q94-Q99):

With regard to OCI Audit Log Service, which of the statement is INCORRECT?

A. REST API calls can be recorded by Audit serviceB. Retention period for audit events cannot be modifiedC. Events logged by the Audit service can be viewed by using the Console, API, or the SDK for JavaD. Audit Events gets collected when modification within objects stored in an Object Storage bucket

Answer: D

What do the features of OS Management Service do?

A. Increase security and reliability by regular bug fixes.B. Encourage manual setup to avoid machine-induced errors.C. Add complexity in using multiple tools to manage mixed-OS environments.D. Provide paid service and support to OCI subscribers for fixes on priority.

Answer: A


Which volume type contains the image used to boot a compute instance?

A. Block volumeB. Boot volumeC. Init 6 volumeD. Startup volume

Answer: B

Boot Volumes
When you launch a virtual machine (VM) or bare metal instance based on a platform image or custom image, a new boot volume for the instance is created in the same compartment. That boot volume is associated with that instance until you terminate the instance. When you terminate the instance, you can preserve the boot volume and its data

An automobile company needs to configure Bastion Managed SSH session to a compute instance in a private subnet. What are the TWO prerequisites to configure successfully?

A. Route rule to a NAT or Service Gateway should be associated with the subnet of the route tableB. NAT or Service Gateway should be attached to the private subnetC. There is no need for any gateway in private subnetD. SSH port forwarding should be enabled

Answer: A,B

Which statement is true about standards?

A. They may be audited.B. They are the foundation of corporate governance.C. They are result of a regulation or contractual requirement or an industry requirement.D. They are methods and instructions on how to maintain or accomplish the directives of the policy.

Answer: C


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