The restaurant claims to serve only health cuisine and has different menus for each day of the week. There's a concentrated kitchen from where the food is prepared and spread across Hyderabad. The food is prepared using standard oil and dalda is not used in any of the dishes.

For vegetarians, consistently there are two unique dishes in a combo meal, which is either with rice or in a wrap. These include Rajma Masala, Ground Soya, Chole Masala, Schezwan Tofu etc. Other than this, the vegetarian Biryani, which comes with a bowl of vegetarian gravy, is on the menu every day. For every one of the non-vegetarians there is the same meal combo, with dishes like Chicken Tikka and Chicken Keema.

The food is served in disposable plastic bowls, with forks and spoons. If you opt for the rice version instead of the wrap, you will get boiled vegetables at the base; at that point the rice of your decision (Brown rice, Palak rice or Vegetable Pulao) lastly on the top is a layer of either the chicken or the vegetarian dish.

To drink there is a decision between Diet Pepsi and canned juices. Water isn't served and should be purchased. They give free delivery within a maximum radius of three kilometers.

This Hyderabad restaurant is more suited as a takeaway place than a restaurant. You could even opt for delivery. Taking everything into account, we would have preferred more variety. It would also help if the people behind the counters can evangelize on the health tag that the food carries. Else it is hard to figure out why a Biryani here is healthier than the one available elsewhere. Portions are large and pricing is reasonable.

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