Aquamarine gemstone is known for its gorgeous watery blue and green hues that evoke ocean depths. These stones never attain darker tones because they lack the excellent saturation that sapphires and tourmalines have. Aquamarines were once often worn as a charm by sailors to keep them safe at sea. These Blue Gemstones are frequently heated to remove any remaining greener colors and obtain a purer blue color. However, it does not always work, and they often retain their distinctive sea-like colors.


Aquamarine is a Light Blue Gemstone that has a solid link to water. It represents peace, harmony, and clarity. People believe it can ease tension and clarify the mind with calming, soothing effects. According to legend, mermaids treasured Aquamarine Gem as a treasure and gave it to seafarers as a gift of protection. The sailors used the stone as a charm to protect themselves from bad luck and even seasickness.


How do you differentiate between real and fake aquamarine gemstone?


Aquamarine gemstones are easily available in the market, but it does not mean they do not hold any value. If you are not careful, then there’s a possibility you may buy a fake or synthetic. Hence, identify the difference between a natural aquamarine gemstone and a synthetic one. The best way to identify a natural aquamarine is to pay attention to the color. Unlike other blue gemstones such as Blue Zircon or sapphire, aquamarine, in its natural form, has a beautiful light shade of blue that resembles the color of the ocean. 


They may have a slightly yellow or green tint as well. Gems that form naturally have excellent transparency and clarity. The hardness and durability of the stone are other features you can use to identify the stone. Aquamarine stones are complex so they won’t break quickly. However, they can easily scratch glass and other similar things. 


So, if you notice scratches on the stone, reconsider purchasing them. Colored glass is one of the most common alternatives or substitutes for aquamarines. In such situations, there are three main differences to notice. 


What things should we consider while buying Aquamarine jewelry?


Like any other valuable gemstone, the value of an aquamarine gemstone is determined by the color, clarity, cut, and caret. Whether you are buying rings, bangles or pendants studded with these beautiful gems, here are some factors that you should take into consideration. 


Cut. Aquamarine stones come in a variety of shades, shapes, and sizes. However, the most common cuts are round, oval, and emerald. You can also carve them into decorative shapes.
Color. The color of this aquamarine stone may range from light blue to greenish-blue. Pale greenish blue aquamarine gemstones are most readily available. 
Clarity. Most faceted aquamarine gemstones are clear from inclusions and clean to the eyes. However, opaque and translucent aquamarine is also available.




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