Disposable nitrile gloves, or natural latex gloves, or vinyl gloves in the market all are referred to as thin-mil gloves used in a variety of distinct applications. Understanding the myths about glove performance in your working life is important as selecting the right glove for each application.

Myth 1: More Textures Means Better Grip

Many people have a misconception about disposable gloves that they have more texture that resulted in better grip. But the fact is, texture has very little effect on grip. It is possible to make an extremely textured glove with low grip and a smooth-surfaced nitrile or latex glove with a high grip.

Do you know? Surface treatment is the most important factor in deciding the grip level of a glove. Natural latex gloves are sticky, tacky, and much like glue. Without proper processing buy manufacturing companies natural latex gloves stick together like a large ball of adhesive.

Myth 2: Gloves Remain Safe

Throughout use even in health care, gloves can develop holes due to degradation and wear. According to studies, after 12 minutes of use, natural latex and vinyl glove defect rates increase by 9%, and 34% just triple. Without proper curing and cross-linking, nitrile can swell and develop small homes or defects over time. So, always Shop Nitrile Gloves in Bulk USA.

Myth 3: Gloves Can Be 100% Nitrile, Latex, or Vinyl

Glove supplies from across the world frequently claim glove composition of 100% of the respective materials. Without using additives, it is practically impossible to make a usable glove of any of these materials. However, claims Buy Nitrile Gloves Small or Large size with of 100% purity which are not accurate. Companies add curatives, cross-link agents, and accelerators to nitrile and natural latex to make it a strong, durable glove. In vinyl plasticizers and activation, agents are required!

Myth 4: Allergies with Nitrile or Vinyl

Well, glove-related allergies are a common issue to many glove users. The belief that allergies related to gloves are caused only by natural latex is a concern for many. Latex allergies are the most serious ones because they can be systemic and cause anaphylactic shock in humans.

Some people confuse chemical allergies with latex allergies. But they are often components in both nitrile and vinyl gloves that can cause a chemical allergy. For example, if you Buy Nitrile Gloves Online USA like natural latex gloves, often use carbonates or thiazoles that can become a cause of skin allergy. Certain vinyl gloves are sold in the market which contains activation agents that can also cause skin allergies. In all cases, the less a glove is washed or sanitized the more chemical residue is present for potential contact to the user. You should immediately consult with your physician or dermatologist if you suspect an allergy to gloves.

Myth 5: Powder-Free Means ‘’Clean’’

Companies do surface treatment to remove powder from a glove. The two types of surface treatment included chlorination and the addition of a wax or polymer coating. These are the traditional process and required gloves to be washed cleanly prior to packing.

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