Bamboo pillows are widely known for its antibacterial properties. But is it comfortable to use among hot sleepers? the maximum amount as many bamboo pillows are full of memory foam, you'll still find one which will not be too hot to sleep on. during this post, we picked five of the simplest bamboo pillow options alongside a buying guide.

Are you a hot sleeper?

Hot sleepers are those that feel hotter than normal in the dark . Usually, they experience a better blood heat while sleeping, which causes hot flashes and irritability. If not addressed early , it can cause sleep deprivation.

Hot sleepers will experience further discomfort if their bedroom isn’t well-ventilated or if they're using pillows and sheets that aren't breathable enough. Although external factors might be at play, some medical conditions also can cause this nightly discomfort.

Some of the conditions which will cause hot sleeping are menopause, low blood glucose , neurological conditions, and so on. Regardless of the explanation for hot sleeping, you'll make yourself comfortable with the utilization of the proper pillow.

Benefits of using bamboo pillows

The best bamboo pillow can help reduce the recent feeling when sleeping. However, not all kinds would be ideal. Below, we discussed a brief guide to assist you select the proper one.

First of all, bamboo pillows queen are antimicrobial. So albeit you’re sweating in the dark , you’ll have added comfort since the pillow won't smell. This feature is feasible through the lignin content of bamboo pulp, which resists moisture. And when moisture isn’t present, there wouldn’t be odor buildup.

Aside from that, the bamboo pillow has cooling benefits. It’s thick yet very soft. aside from that, it’s paired with micro venting properties that allow air movement while you sleep.

Most of all, bamboo is sustainable and more eco-friendly. It’s 40% more absorbent than cotton fabric, making it easier to sleep on. Lastly, bamboo uses 1/3 less water than cotton in terms of growth.

What to seem for the simplest bamboo pillow?

If you’re trying to find the simplest bamboo pillow, confirm that you simply keep this stuff in mind:

The right type

There are three main sorts of bamboo pillows supported its filling: solid, shredded, or gel-infused. this is often often a make-or-break part for decent sleepers. Here’s a fast check out each one:

Solid memory foam

Solid memory foam pillows have a single-piece (slab) base foam wrapped in bamboo fabric. this is often popular because it contours well to the form of the body and reduces pressure points.

However, solid memory foam pillows are often extremely popular to sleep at, especially if you’re a hot sleeper. But if paired with a breathable cover, solid memory foam covers are often breathable to some extent.

Shredded foam

Unlike solid memory foam, a shredded foam pillow is formed of bits of memory foam. rather than an entire slab, it’s shredded to tiny pieces for added breathability. Most hot sleepers will choose this sort of bamboo pillow.

Another great point about shredded bamboo pillows is its adjustability. Since it’s shredded to bits, you'll adjust the pillow’s loft to fit your preference. Some manufacturers even give an additional bag of shredded foam so you'll adjust the loft of the pillow as you would like .


Gel-infused bamboo pillows are another excellent choice for decent sleepers. It’s basically shredded memory foam, but with added cooling gel to form it easier to sleep at. apart from that, it’s soft and adjustable, a bit like most shredded foam pillows.

The only downside with gel-infused foam is it tends to be pricier than the primary two types. Still, it’s a superb investment if you would like to be comfortable.

Foam material

Once you've got chosen the proper sort of pillow that you simply want, you ought to now check which material you’re getting to pick. Usually, bamboo pillows are made from memory foam. this is often a really comfortable material as long because it has excellent cooling features.

On the opposite hand, you'll also find poly-fiber bamboo pillows. It’s bouncier than memory foam and doesn’t conform to the form of the body as effectively as memory foam. Also, PU foam is only synthetic in order that it's going to have a better off-gassing than most memory foam pillows.

Nevertheless, confirm that the pillow you’re getting to buy is CertiPUR US-certified or has passed other standards. this is often a guarantee that the pillow doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.

Adjustable loft

 An adjustable loft allows you to tweak the pillow supported the peak that you simply want. That way, you'll get wont to the pillow easier.

Take note that bamboo pillows with adjustable loft are people who have shredded foam or two slabs of solid foam. Some manufacturers offer an additional bag of shredded foam for free of charge or are often sold separately.

Moreover, an adjustable loft allows you to vary the configuration of the pillow supported your preferred sleeping position.


This is a really crucial factor to think about . Bamboo pillows are available in various sizes and shapes. counting on your preference, you'll choose one that you simply find comfy.

Large pillows are cuddly, but it's going to also cause you to feel hotter while sleeping. It’s best to travel for mid-sized pillows.


Although bamboo pillows have antibacterial properties, you continue to got to wash it. Most of the time, the bamboo cover is removable and may be washed directly on the washer .

Take note that washing a bamboo pillow are often challenging, especially if you decide for shredded filling. It’s best to urge a water-resistant lining, so you don’t need to remove the filling manually.


Breathability is that the priority if you’re a hot sleeper. Always confirm that the bamboo pillow you’re getting allows airflow within the froth . With that, you’d probably want to stir beyond solid memory foam filling as this is often the smallest amount breathable of all kinds .

If you'll afford, consider a gel-infused bamboo pillow for added comfort. Nevertheless, a classic shredded foam bamboo pillow would be ideal if paired with better ventilation in your bedroom.

Hypoallergenic characteristics

Many people discover that they're allergic to a selected sort of foam once they need purchased it. And in rare cases, some bamboo pillow covers also can trigger allergies .

So when you’re purchasing, confirm that the pillow you’re getting is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.