The title is not cynical nor is it a paradox, 
I lost my brother 5 years ago and for the fist time since that moment I am able to write and express my journey through the tragically so many of us face, the object of this article is not merely to express what I have been through but to open your eyes to the beauty in the face of adversity.
From the moment I started typing the tears just started rolling down my face as I reflect on someone who has had tremendous impact on my life, but the the greatest and toughest lesson I learnt in life came from this very experience, 
And it is this, I realized that without that the person I lost I would not be were I am today, The moments i shared with my brother has left me a wiser, humble, grateful, down to earth and someone who has learnt the value of those who I still have around me, The beauty is that the person who you lost actually died to show you and I a lesson that indeed we are not immune to death and grieve and that the unbearable pain of lose should not only be a source of tears and pain but also a reminder to cherish the moments you had together and to reflect on the invaluable lessons and advice they shared with you in their own unique way, it is almost as if they knew they would not be with you forever and they spent the little time they had on earth making you a better person to face tomorrow.
We all grieve in different ways and I am not making light of your pain but I would like you to see things from a different perspective, Don't look at the void in your life but rather at the absolute privilege it was to have met, love and be loved by them, even if it was shorter than you would have liked but they will remain within your heart for eternity, nothing and nobody can remove the precious moments that you have shared and you are better off having loved and lost then to have not loved at all.
The tears at this point is like a non-stop river down my cheeks, I cannot help but just smile and see that I would never be writing this without those very precious moments we once shared, as the reader i want you to reflect on those that have gone before you and left you a better person. Yes it's painful and yes i know sometimes you want to give up but I urge you to see beyond the pain and the rain because after the rain and the pain there will be a rainbow.
I dedicate this to my brother Farren, Leave a comment and dedicate it to someone who you have lost.