Every business needs a good content marketing plan and www.blogulr.com is a good place to start. It is a platform for entrepreneurs and professionals to express their passion for their profession effectively across all platforms and it's built to optimize its users activities across all social networks (esp. twitter), blogs and other websites. Users can post articles (with videos), contact other bloggers, setup adverts among other premium-value features. All for free. Although newer features have been added to blogulr since then, the included video is a demonstration of how to use blogulr and does not include most of the information in the text below. The text below contains best practices for using blogulr to the advantage of your social content.

Best Practices for Using Blogulr

1. Blogulr is pronounced "Blog-u-lar".
   What else would you call a blog community on steroids.

2. Use your twitter username as your Blogulr username.
   Several Blogulr features are optimized to work with your favourite social media platforms, especially twitter. For instance:

   a. When you (or anyone who views your articles) share your articles on twitter, your username is added to the tweet which translates into a "mention" on twitter.
   b. In the same scenario as "a", your articles tags are converted into "hash tags" and added to your tweet. eg. "Content Marketing" becomes "#ContentMarketing". So there's no need to hash your articles tags directly on blogulr, it's perfect to use "Content Marketing" as a tag on an article related to content marketing and you can use up to three tags.

3. When you post a new article, share it on your favourite social networks immediately and from time to time. A mentor once said "People do business with people they know" and she was right. If blogulr was developed to empower you to take advantage of your broad online network across your favourite social networks (and email contacts) by enabling you to promote your passion, products and services in an appealing way to people who know and can recommend you and your products and/or services, then this is how you do just that. These same people who know you are more likely to share your posts with people who know them and it can go on and on until it goes viral.

4. Set up your advert. If you have not set up your advert, you are losing out on potential sales and traffic to your websites. With wonderful articles as yours, no advert is as competitive as yours - and guess what, it is always beside your articles, visible to all your readers, whether they are registered blogulr users or not and it links to your own web page when clicked. Unlike most other social media platforms, you do the hard work of creating an appealing article and posting them on there only to generate views on your articles and compliment other peoples adverts. Registered blogulr users do not pay to advertise on blogulr except, of course, if you want to sponsor us with a sponsored advert.

5. Share articles frequently: Apart from being good social content marketing practice, every time you post a new article on blogulr, your advert gets displayed on other public and private pages throughout blogulr for the next 7 days.

6. Add a video to your article. Articles with videos get up to ten times more views and blogulr will soon introduce video blog area. This will make lots of videos by bloglers (blogulr users) available to viewers who are more interested in watching videos.

7. Engage content by other authors. Post comments, like, share content by other authors. This helps to encourage engagement on your own content by those authors and people who know them.

8. All your articles are continuously shared to our broad online network across several social networking platforms by our team to generate lots and lots of views for your articles and adverts.

Yes, blogulr cares about your "social content".

Please support us by posting comments about your complaints and/or suggestions. Follow me to know when my eBooks "Content Marketing Demystified" and "The Blogulr Advantage" get out.  They will be free to all bloglers.

Stay healthy and good luck with your content marketing strategy.

To be updated...