Recently we experienced a severe downtime which lasted about three (3) weeks. This was as a result of the tremendous increase in the number of bloglers (active users) and blogle readers (visitors) here on over the years which has led to the excessive usage of server resources which in turn negatively affected other websites hosted on the same server as As such, the server management team translated it as abusive and then suspended our account and requested that we improve the performance of the codes that make up the platform to ensure our usage of server resources fall within normal usage. This, we have done and so our account has been restored, but this is only a temporary solution and may last only a few months before our usage of server resources become "abusive" again.

A more long-lasting solution for an uninterrupted service will be to upgrade our account to a bigger server which will be able to accommodate the result of the already occurring exponential growth in usage of server resources within the next few years, preferable a dedicated server. 

Annual cost of maintaining the dedicated server plan, excluding other expenses.

As you already know, has been a free service since it was launched in November of 2014. Ever since, we have managed, upgraded and updated the platform all for free and we plan to keep doing so, however it has become too expensive for us to keep maintaining the platform effectively and hitch-free. This is why we are need your donation to help us meet the requirements necessary for a stable platform with uninterrupted uptime.

Please, use the button provided to send us your donation and help us meet the requirements necessary for a stable platform with uninterrupted uptime, so you can continue to enjoy the unlimited benefits of posting your blogles (content) on as a blogler.

We are also working on a new version of which will include among other important features, the ability of users to collaborate by reposting each others posts on other social media platforms to make them go viral faster.