As much as I would like to bore you with all the reasons why blogulr was developed and how it is revolutionizing the socio-mediosphere and changing how entrepreneurs and professionals make an impact on the internet, I will rather just summarize the key points and then move on to the benefits and features of blogulr.

In my experience providing information technology products and services to individuals and businesses, internet marketing is the most sought-after service but the technicalities and costs involved are very discouraging. So most of us have resort to piling up friends and connections and sending them advert messages. This has not been effective enough, right? Well, not for me.

So, I began to research ways in which anyone can advertise effectively on the internet with little or no cost or technicality involved and so I reach a conclusion. A conclusion that doesn't require you or anyone to understand Rocket Science. A conclusion that makes all the time you have ever spent on the internet worth it.

Now, I am connected to so many people online. Think about it. All the friends you have gathered, even people you don't know, all in your network, on facebook, twitter, linkedin, googleplus, name it. All those hours we have spent on the internet making good use of these social networking platforms, only to end up with thousands of people in our network who we don't even talk to, except when we send them lousy advert messages that they don't even read.

How can I advertise to the people on my broad online network and still be appealing to these wonderful people? And I came down to one answer. "DON'T SEND ADVERT MESSAGES", "SHARE ARTICLES INSTEAD". Articles that educate people about your products or services. Articles that contain useful information ...updates about activities in your industry, how-tos. You can even post gossips and entertainment news, if you don't want to look too serious.

A well-known publicist and author of the book, Guerilla P.R., Michael Levine said and I quote “Depending on how you measure and monitor an article, it is between 10 times and 100 times more valuable than an advertisement.” So, even the worst article is still at least 10 times more valuable than an advert.

I assume we all know what a blog is? Blogging has become a norm. There are at least a million and one blogs on the internet.

What do bloggers do? ...They dispense lots of free information. Gossips, news, educational information, etcetera.

Why? ...Traffic. They have adverts on their blog and they want you to see them. They don't post articles with headings that say "I have an advert on my blog that will be of interest to you. Click this link for more details". No. Instead you'll see something like "SHOCKING: Dog attacks owner in Canada. Read More" or "10 things you shouldn't do on the internet. Click here for details". At least 40% of the people that see a post heading like this will want to read the details.

How so? If you want to get peoples attention, share a story. In the case of entrepreneurs and other professionals, share professional advice, tips and other posts that indirectly tell people "I am an authority in my field. Take my word for it".

I considered all this and more when I started researching for a lasting solution for entrepreneurs and professionals like me. And so I came up with this idea: Put a blog and a social network together to make one incredible marketing web application for entrepreneurs and professionals. One might call it a blogging community on steroids. Although bloggers can join the fun, Blogulr! is for entrepreneurs and professionals who yearn to express their passion for their profession and still promote their products and services for free and without hassle.

It is very easy to use blogulr. From the sign-up stage to making an impact on the internet.

Blogulr is already trending in the entrepreneurial arena. It is a free platform, sponsored by advertisers who have products and services to promote to the calibre of users on blogulr.

- I encourage you to sign-up (its completely free and takes less than a minute). Enter your username, first name, last name, email address and password. The system checks to see that your username is available. Then enter the code in the little human verification box below. This is how we verify that you are you and not some software trying to act like you. Then click the button that says "Create New Account". And you're in.

Watch a video demonstration of "How to use Blogulr":

- Complete your profile in few easy steps

- Set up your advert, it is important that you do this, so that when people view your articles they also see your advert. Your articles complement your adverts. Unlike other platforms where you share articles, get lots of views and nobody sees your advert, instead your articles are complementing a bunch of alien adverts.

You are the one making an impact. It's your hardwork thats generating all the views and engagements. Your viewers should see your advert. Set it up.

Then start sharing articles. This is where you make an impact.

To share an article:

1. Click on create a new post.
2. Type the heading in the specified field.
3. Now prepare your article details on a notepad or directly into the "Description" field.
4. Enter at least one keyword or tag that's related to your post. You can enter up to three (3).
5. Add an image that complements your article. This is not necessary but it will go a long way to enhance your article. After selecting the image, click and drag your mouse across the image to crop the desired area.
6. Click submit.

After clicking submit, your article gets saved and then displayed. You can then view your article and share it on your favourite social networks by clicking the buttons provided or copy the link to your post from the address bar and paste it as a new post in the social networking application where you want to share it.

The Real Difference Between PR And Advertising by Robert Wynne