"Gain the trust you need to sell your products and services online, like a consultant."

More often than not, sales people think that asking people to patronize their goods and/or services is enough to make reasonable sales. Actually it isn't. Infact, it is a lot more stressful on the long run, because, doing this alone makes it difficult to build loyal customer base and so you'll have to keep asking people to patronize you.

What this method of marketing does is, it makes people aware that you're in business, but if you can't keep these people, you'll keep depending on new prospects and a few old clients who have no choice.

Asking people to patronize your business only tells them that you need money. Even if the prospect needs what you're offering, you're not the only one offering that product or service who needs money. So why you? What do they have to gain by patronizing you? Can they count on you for support or professional advice? It's not enough for you to say it. Anyone can say anything to attract sales. So, you have to show that you know a lot about the industry, not just the product, because you love what you do.

How can you achieve this?

It is important to let people know what you sell and ask for patronage, but it is more important to give real support or advice that doesn't say "Patronize me". People can tell if you care more about your business than their well-being. Every once in a while, but more often than you ask for patronage, offer free professional advice like "tips and tricks", "guidelines", "best practices" and other useful information that educates your audience. This makes you the go-to-person for your audience when they need yours or other related products and or services, because they can tell that you know what you are doing.

People should know that you love what you do and can be of some real help in that area when they need it, not just a means of getting by. This also helps you to know more about your products and services, because you'll be performing a lot of research. As you continue to educate yourself with the research you perform, you will continue to know more and more about your products and services than your competitors.

It takes time to build that kind of trust or put yourself in that kind of position, but you can make it a habit, so start now and do it consistently.

Ever wonder why many websites have a menu item called "Blog"?

It's because they need to post information about their business that lets their website visitors know that they are on top of their game. You may not have a website but you have "social media", and its mostly free. So, get on there and start reaching your customers where they are and start showing them that you are on top of your game.

I wish you success in all your business endeavours.

Stay blessed.