Having a great eCommerce site is the most advanced and trendy way to trade online and reach out a wider spectrum of target audience today. But is having an appreciate and attractive eCommerce site is all that need to be successful in today’s fast paced and ever changing global marketplace. What you eCommerce website must have is of the essence. It’s time to know what your website must have to gain popularity and generate decent revenue! Let’s have a look at the checklist of must-haves for your e-store.

1. Appealing Theme

The overall appearance of your e-store is highly impactful. More visually appealing it is, better sales conversion expected. Don’t mess up your text with the images. Get the best color scheme, suitable for your business.

2. Fast Load Time

You may lose 40% of your shoppers if your E-commerce Website loads in more than three seconds. It also annoys Google and other search engines. Test load times with Page Speed before it goes live.

3. Mobile Optimized

Today more than 55% of people shop from mobile devices. Make sure your store is mobile optimized, which is designed specifically for tablet or smartphone. Responsive design can help engage your customers through mobile too.

4. Calls-to-Action

Your customers must know what to do! A call-to-action must appear once on each page that should lead customers to make a purchase or to gather more information.

5. SEO Tools

You cannot forget search engine optimization tools else it will not generate a good number of sales. There are so many to choose from:

a. On-Page SEO Tools
b. Link building tools
c. Open Link Data Sources
d. Page ranking tools
e. Link Building Toolkits
f. Keyword Research

6. Easy Checkout

Do you know 60% of buyers abandon websites because of complicated payment process? Ensure this must not happen in your e-store. There should be step-by-step direction for buying, if you really want to sell products.

7. Secure Payment Gateways

Consumers are suspicious about the payment data leakage when shopping online. Just ensure you have integrated most secure and safe payment gateway. Your shoppers must not feel that their information is going in the wrong hands. Popular security providers are Veri-Sign and GeoTrust.

8. Discount Engine

A discount engine could be great to entice your customers, either in percent or in price. This can encourage your shoppers to buy to enjoy discounts.

9. Store Locator

Store locator can help your customers verify the existence of your business, and can also encourage some customers purchase directly from your physical retail store.

10. Blog

Having blog may receive up to 55% more views compare to sites without it. This helps promote your site in search engines and also helps build trust with buyers. It will also talk about your business in detail and make them feel safe when buying from your website.

11. Social Media Links

Social media channels are the trendiest way for promoting businesses. Integrate social sharing buttons on your site, or else you may miss out great returns.

12. Customer Reviews

People search for product reviews before making any buying decision. This makes it more important that your website should have a customer review section to keep buyers in one place.

13. Education

Keep your customers engaged in the conversation going in your website by constantly educating them about your products and services. You can use how-to videos, whitepapers, tutorials, and ebooks. It will also position you as an expert in your domain.

14. Frequently Asked Questions

Brainstorm and create a FAQ from which your customers can get answer to their confusions. Instead of emailing or calling you, customer will view the FAQ page and find the answer to their questions.

15. Cross-selling & Up-selling Tools

Up-selling is to offer a product greater in value than the product they are going to buy. Cross-selling is to sell items complementary to the purchased product. This tool is available in any suitable shopping cart technology. Ensure that your shopping cart solution provide these tools.

These are some of the most necessary factors that your eCommerce site must have to excel. The needs of your site may not be limited to these, but it will surely get them in place.