The Study On  EOR Services In Bangladesh                                                                                                                                         

Working with an employer of record companies helps businesses of all sizes to rapidly and inexpensively hire and pay the workers in other countries. For firms wishing to hire and manage teams in Bangladesh, we provide professional employment organization and employer of record services. In Bangladesh, registering a legal entity as a method of employment is an out-of-date procedure that involves both time and cost.

Note: When a client firm moves to a new nation with no established footprint, an Employer of Record acts as a "go-between" for the worker and the client company. According to a survey, 65% of small or large businesses need hiring EOR & PEO services.  

Bottom Line 

1. Global Professional Employer Organizations ('Global PEOs') frequently provide Employer of Record solutions as a means of worldwide growth. 

2. An Employer of Record is in charge of payroll, as well as ensuring that the applicable withholding and taxes are made, as well as satisfying other employer compliance duties.

3. Employers of Record services are typically a more cost-effective and compliant way to expand internationally than forming a separate business or subsidiary.

When And Why Should Hire An Employer of Record?                                                                                                                        

When a corporation seeks to conduct business in a new nation without establishing a physical presence, a global employer of record is frequently employed.

From the late 19th century ahead, businesses began to consider which of their operations or duties could be contracted or 'outsourced' to a third party.

The process of forming a local company corporation can be time-consuming and costly. In order to satisfy the demands of a project or a new business initiative, the corporation may need to act quickly. Or they simply need a temporary solution.

As a result, having a global Employer of Record might be a cost-effective approach to employee recruiting and onboarding in that country. To manage local payroll, employment tasks, and immigration, the global employer of record companies (EOR) will establish a legal organization. In the host nation, the EOR will also serve as the legal workplace for your remote workers.

Employer Of Record Services In Bangladesh

Employers of Record services are for businesses who do not have a legal presence in Bangladesh but wish to recruit there. We are in charge of employment and complete liability.

1. You interview and choose the individuals you wish to recruit In Bangladesh.

2. The employer of record companies negotiates a local labor agreement with your new hire.

3. A service contract between your company and us is arranged by the employer of record companies.

4. Our global employer of record services plan, administer, and payroll management in Bangladesh in strict accordance with local labor rules.

5. While the employer of record oversees Payroll and HR responsibilities, you retain a regular working relationship and manage your workforce in Bangladesh.

 Employment Compliance In Bangladesh

Taxes and Payroll in Bangladesh

Residents pay income tax at progressive rates ranging from 10% to 30%, while non-residents (excluding Bangladeshi non-residents) pay a single rate of thirty percent.

Bangladeshi Employer Costs

Contributions from employers: 5% - The Social Security Administration

Working Time and Overtime in Bangladesh

The regular working time is 8 hr. Working time should be 48 hr per week. Overtime pay in Bangladesh is required to be paid at twice the standard rate. Each day, up to 2 hours of overtime is permitted, for a total of 12 hours each week. The yearly average working hours, however, must not exceed 56 hours a week.

Work  Time Schedule

Working Hour

8 hour in (24 hours)

48 hours per week

Overtime Hour

2 hours in (24 hours)

12 hours per week

Table-Working Time Schedule in Bangladesh

Contributions are required in Bangladesh

The new standards are primarily aimed at protecting employees from injuries and promoting a safer working environment. The laws also aim to improve working conditions for those with disabilities.

Termination Laws and Severance pays in Bangladesh

Employees that are unable to work owing to physical or mentally sickness, as assessed by a medical professional, may be dismissed. If the employee has worked at least one year, he or she is eligible for 30 days of compensation for every year of service.

When ending employment for any reason in Bangladesh, companies must provide 120 days written notice for monthly rated employees and 60 days for other workers, or similar salary in lieu. In addition, the worker is eligible for 30 days of pay for each year of service.

In Bangladesh, unless an employee is fired for a criminal offense, severance compensation is always necessary.

Holidays in Bangladesh

Public Holidays In Bangladesh

Mother Language Day – February 21

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Birthday – March 17

Independence Day – March 26

Bengali New Year – April 14

Shab-e-Qadr and Jumatul Bidah – Not fixed

Labour Day – May 1

Eid al-Fitr – Not fixed(3 day)

Buddha Purnima – Not fixed

Eid-ul-Azha – Not fixed (3 day)

Ashura – 1 day

National Mourning Day – August 15

Janmashtami – Not fixed

Durga Puja – 1 day

Eid-e-Miladunnabi – 1 day

Victory Day – December 16

Christmas Day – December 25

Pay Leave in Bangladesh

Except for tea plantation workers, all workers are eligible for 10 days of paid leave every calendar year.

Employment Contracts In Bangladesh

Contract of Employment

The name of the parties, date, job title, salary, working time, bonuses, yearly leave, sick leave, informal leave, and any termination conditions should all be included in formal employment contracts.

The name of the parties, date, job title, salary, working time, bonuses, yearly leave, sick leave, informal leave, and any termination

Types of Leaves In Bangladesh

Leave of Absence

In Bangladesh, sick leave covers 14 days of full salary each calendar year.

Leaves Of Maternity And Paternity

Employees who are female are eligible for 16 weeks of paid maternity leave. In the first year, fathers are eligible for 10 days of unpaid leave.

Leaving time Schedule and Salary system

Sick Leave

14th days 

with full salary

Maternity Leave(Female)

16th weeks 


Unpaid leave (Father)

10 Days 


 Bangladesh Immigration Laws

If your organization intends to engage foreign workers in Bangladesh, employees will need to secure a work permit.

Individuals who plan to enter and depart the nation many times throughout the course of their visa may be granted a single entry, double entry, or multiple entry work visa. The cost of the visa varies based on the category selected by the employee.

The Benefits  Of Hiring An  Employer of Record Services

1. Without a local firm in Bangladesh, you may handle client meetings, sales, quality assurance, marketing, R&D, and customer support using EOR solutions.

2. Pay for what you use.

3. One point of contact for various locations with a dedicated account manager.

4. Complete payroll management and statutory benefit solution in accordance with local legislation.

5. Our global employer of record services exclusively deals with GDPR-compliant, competent, locally licensed partners.

6. In accordance with local legislation, we maintain workers records, timekeeping, bonuses and allowances, expense claims, and personal leaves.

7. If necessary, our employer of record services may assist with foreigner VISA applications.

8. Processing of job applications and terminations.

9. You may  recruit workers while waiting for your firm to be registered in Bangladesh using EOR/ PEO solutions.

Wrapping Up

Overall, BPO organization provides complete operational assistance for IT companies. We also manage legal compliance, employee recruiting and onboarding, and other services in addition to being a global employer of record services. Unlike many other suppliers, we provide a "pay-per-service" option, allowing you to select only the services you require. That is an effective method of cost-cutting.

Alternatively, if you're looking to expand your firm quickly, we can provide you with the most comprehensive Employer of Record services in Bangladesh.