Pre-Employment Verification: Secure Your Business                                                                                                                            

We provide prior employment verification for our respected clients' current and prospective employees in Bangladesh so that they may get the most out of their employees. It is critical to choose the right candidate for any company to succeed. Given the possibility of misconduct and fraud in the hiring process, businesses have become extra careful. Thus, employee history checks services are important in verifying candidates' backgrounds and enabling organizations to make the best decision possible.

According to a recent study conducted in Bangladesh, 92% of businesses do employee background screening to protect their organization from criminals.

Focus Point

1. Prior employment verification System in Bangladesh Allows You To Choose The Best Candidates For Your Company While Saving Money And Time.

2. A reference check entails contacting an applicant's prior employers, managers, coworkers, and educators to confirm previous employment.

3. Employment Background Screening verifies that the individual has the skills and experience needed for the job.

Why Use A Prior Employment Verification Check?

Candidates lengthen their time with a specific job to hide periods of unemployment by falsifying dates of employment. 

1. This is sometimes done to conceal periods of jail.

2. The job title, pay, and responsibilities are all overstated.

3. The motivations for leaving are skewed.

4. The reported experience may or may not be true.

The 6 Different Types Of Background Checks For Prospective Hires?                                                                                           

The following are the six most prevalent and important forms of background screening for new hires:

1. Work history of the candidate: To prevent hiring someone who poses a risk to the previous company.

2. Criminal history: To assure that the candidate's entrance does not harm the company's brand or endanger the organization's safety.

3. Credit Score: This is used to determine the candidate's financial soundness. It's also done to see if the applicant has ever been convicted of financial crime or embezzlement.

4. Reference check: Checking the employee's legitimacy and personal behavior with others who know them.

5. Social media check: Check social media to see if the possible employee has a humble background.

6. Drug Testing: To verify that the possible employee does not carry or arrive with any substances that the government has declared illegal.

The Benefits Of Pre-Employment Screening?

Recruiting new personnel takes time, and poor hires can have negative consequences for the organization, such as lost costs and lower production. This is why pre-employment screening is so important for identifying competent individuals within a large pool of applications. pre-employment screening has 3 major advantages for your company:

1. Protect your company's health: Bad hires lower morale and production. Pre-employment screening additional value makes you make good hires and reduce turnover in your firm.

2. Don't waste resources: Recruitment and training new hires takes a lot of time and money. The cost of hiring the incorrect person is high: poor hires cost an average of 14,900 dollars. Background Screening applications can help you avoid wasting money and time.

3. Validate important information for candidates' success: Candidates, unfortunately, lie on their applications. Due diligence ensures that you recruit someone that has correct and confirmed qualifications for the position.

You undertake due diligence in sifting out those who do not fit the job requirements and corporate culture by taking adequate procedures to pre-screen applicants.

Limitations Of Pre-Employment Verification

Questions remain after acquiring an applicant's employment information: How long will the verification take and how much would it cost? Our professional Employer Organization (PEO) can help to overcome the challenges.

There are some limitations to  History Checks Services:

1. It is illegal for previous employers to advise whether your new worker is a bad apple or to provide information about job performance. Reference Check reduces the risk of litigation destroying the applicant's career prospects if they merely provide facts.

2. Depending on availability of the prior employment verification or reference check, the timeout may be prolonged.

3. Employment could not be verified if a company is no longer with the company or cannot be reached.

4. Reference Check with a former employer who is an enterprise corporation may be more expensive because the information is only available through an prior employment verification database.

5. Candidates might refuse to allow a prior or present employer to contact them. Our history checks services can solve all issues. 

Prior Employment verification provides "simply the facts" and can help disclose the truth about a new job candidate's CV claims. Traditional background screening services can not provide the aspect of data hiring managers may require due to the limitations of prior employers disclosing information.

When Should You Conduct For Employment Screening?


History Checks Services is essential for all types of employment hiring. We propose completing the following job screening:

1. When it comes to recruiting and hiring new employees

2. When a current employee gets promoted to such an executive or management role.

3. Continuous history checks services to safeguard yourself against risk when upgrading an existing workforce to an executive or management role.

4. When contemplating hiring workers from the purchased or merged company during a merger and acquisition.


When it comes to hiring for a new position, a rigorous pre-employment screening procedure can save you time and money. Depending on the position, you may not need to do all of the steps listed above, but you should have enough ability to make an informed hiring decision with the HR management Team.

You have the best chance of finding the proper match for the job by analyzing applications, screening first candidates, interviewing top candidates, and doing extensive reference checks and background checks.